Our new iOS7 version is here! Life360 version 6.0.2 is live!

photo (4)Hi everyone!
We’re so excited to let you know that a new version of the app is live in the App Store!

Version 6.0.2 addresses many of the issues that came up with iOS7:

  • Improved location experience for iOS7! We’re working hard to clear up issues introduced by Apple’s software update.
  • Smarter notifications and troubleshooting: Especially for disconnected devices, we’re providing better information on why family members are not connected, and how to get them back.
  • More than a dozen bug fixes around history, Premium access and more!

To be very clear, this version of Life360 will not work on iPhones unless the app is left running in the background and location services are turned on. This is not a bug within Life360 — this is due to a structural change within iOS7, which fundamentally changed the way apps like ours work. Unless Apple rolls back or makes new changes to its system, we will not be able to get locations for iPhone users unless these two criteria are met.

We would also like to thank everyone who has been so patient while we worked on these fixes… we appreciate you, and we know it’s been a frustrating month since the operating system came out.

We are available on Twitter, Facebook or our support forums if you need further assistance.

Thanks again, you guys are awesome!

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