Outdoor Movie Night

There are a lot of things about summer that I’ll miss, but one of the things I’ll miss the most was something we said goodbye to recently, Family Movie Night at our neighborhood pool. Once a week people (mostly kids) gather in the grassy area beside our neighborhood pool to watch a family friendly movie on a huge screen put up on the side of the cabana.

Every July it begins and runs through part of August. There is always free freshly popped popcorn and some nights free hot dogs and candy as well. Movies like Tangled, Toy Story 3 and Mars Need Moms were some of the features that were screened this summer. Outdoor movie night is one of those summer experiences that everyone should have a chance to experience.

For me it’s the closest thing to the drive-in that is not an hour and half drive (and yes, I know I’m lucky to have a drive-in even THAT close) that we have. There are some states that don’t’ have even one drive-in at all. And the disappearance of the drive-in is one of the biggest pop culture travesties of the last two decades.

There is something so absolutely perfectly summer about watching a movie beneath the stars wrapped in a blanket, munching on candy and popcorn. Something that too many kids of today won’t ever get to experience. It’s hard to put my finger on exactly what makes watching outdoor movies so very special. Maybe because it can only be done in the summer. Maybe because it’s a chance for kids to stay up past their bedtime or run around in public in their pajamas. Maybe, it’s just the magic of summer in general that makes it special. But really, it’s for all of these reasons that we love our family movie night at the pool so very much.

It’s a cherished memory my kids will forever associate with summer and growing up in our neighborhood and simply being young. Just like my memories of the Drive-In with my family (and in my teen years with friends) are deeply cherished by me today as an adult.

What are some of YOUR cherished summertime memories that you try and relive with your kids during the summer? And did your family get the chance to see an outdoor movie this summer, whether it is in your neighborhood or in a Drive-In?

photo from bop