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Parents Boycott Amazon Over Pedophile Book

Earlier this week, mombloggers urged parents to boycott for selling a book called The Pedophile’s Guide to Love and Pleasure: A Child-Lover’s Code of Conduct. The book is a truly despicable concept for sure, but should Amazon cede to the pressure of angry parents?

It’s also somewhat ironic that a book that was previously unknown (the book had sold one copy, at #158,221 in the Kindle Store) is now getting a lot of undue media attention for the controversy. It’s strange how a little scandal can launch a career instead of squashing one (see: Paris Hilton).

There, of course, is the free speech argument. While you and I may not agree with the material of the book, is that enough grounds to justify banning it?

From Strollerderby.

Do you think parents should boycott Amazon over the book?

49 Responses to “Parents Boycott Amazon Over Pedophile Book”

  1. paschott

    I think in this case, Amazon might do well to heed the voices of mom-bloggers. They've become a pretty decent economic factor. However, this is not a case of banning a book. I'm sure that it could still be bought somewhere. I think Amazon may have made the right decision on this one by pulling the book.

    As for free speech, this has nothing to do with the government. There is no law saying that this book cannot be sold. This is a free market issue. It's really between the bookseller and its customers. The customers have every right not to buy anything from that retailer. The retailer can choose whether potential lost sales outweigh the potential sales of the product. In this case, the potential lost sales would cost far more than pulling this one book. If you feel bad about it, also remember that this author just got a ton of free publicity.

  2. Abby

    A lot of less dangerous books have been banned so why not this one. It affects a big global population. I think Amazon should be more sensitive to such issues but I won't ban a bookstore just because of banned books.

  3. Liban

    Banned it because they are encouraging hurting kids and getting away with it, you know what if any of my any kids i know gets hurt and i can`t press charges i will sue amazon, that is not cool i know some older woman who get hurt by her uncle , and she spoke up at a funeral when she was like 30 and she kept it together but she was hurt mentally, and that man got away with it, also she could not talk cause she didn`t know this thing would be happening alot so lets boycott them, and if any child get hurt and you can press charges sue amazon cause it`s amazon fault

  4. enoughisenough

    Yes, I'm boycotting Amazon. If Amazon's reply had not been so ubsurd –that is claiming removing a book promoting the harm of children is censorship — if they removed the book immediately I would not boycott. And I have spent a small fortune on the site in the past.

    We as a society must have zero tolerance for those who seek to harm children. The U.S. has a zero tolerance policy toward terrorists, we should make childrlen — the most vulnerable in our society our top priority.

    We are not helping this pedophiles career. We are exposing him. The Amazon Boycott is shedding light on these vile individuals and we need to get angry! I am not a "Conservative" either — I'm a Democrat and if I had my way every pedophile and thhose who defend them would be eliminated from society.

  5. T.P.

    If any of you had a child that had ever been sexually molested, you would not be so quick to give Amazon a break. Has anyone ever thought about what it is like for a little boy to be raped by a man? We're talking permanent physical and psychological damage that you cannot even imagine. A book like this is disgusting and cannot be tolerated! The more things like this are permited in this world, the more tolerance grows for it. As is evidenced by some of your comments.

  6. Will

    … I DO HOPE EVERYONE KNOWS THAT THIS BOOK IS (from what my teacher said because he looked up the news article, and got the general info about the book because it is related to our lesson about protesting…like you are urging people to do)… as i was saying this book is (supposed) to be about what to LOOK for to WATCH OUT for pedophiles… NOT A GUIDE for them. its supposed to be about what kids and parents need to look for to AVOID pedophiles.

  7. mary

    I shop at Amazon ALL THE TIME to buy products for my daughter and if they did keep this book up, I WILL BOYCOTT THEM!!!! Make no mistake.

    • will

      did you not read my post… people are blowing this out of proportions. the author of this book has written others that are in the range of normal. oh and i think people, that want to should know that the boycotting SUCCEEDED, Amazon took the Book down in less than a day.

      • Bobblehead

        Will, this book is a manual of methods with which someone who has sexual attraction to children can go about fulfilling that attraction by entering into a "relationship" (in a preschool? at the playground?), and persist in such a relationship without incurring "too much" prosecution. It is a guide by a pedophile written FOR other pedophiles describing how to molest children.

  8. John the Baptist

    Here's a THOUGHT, maybe the focus and/or blame should be on the publisher!!! Just a thought…

    • jmm51

      The author is the publisher. Amazon is the one who agreed to sell his book. If i take your logic to heart, I guess I should just be quiet and not speak out against those who are assisting and author to release a book that may result in innocent children being harmed as a result. Take a look at the propaganda in Germany prior to WWII and how books were allowed to flourish that demeaned a race of people and resulted in a society that became desensitized. In the end they looked the other way when the slaughter began. I know this is taking the extreme vision of not speaking up but i hope you see the point of those who want to take action not only against the author/publisher but also against those who agree to sell the product, knowing what it contains.

  9. Shawna Gracia

    Though it is true that freedom of speech is what separates our country from others, this is the other side of that coin. Freedoms often lead to abuse. I always shop Amazon..Every year I spend hundreds of dollars there. I can not in all good conscience shop Amazon while scum bag pedophiles make money on that site…Sorry Amazon.

  10. John the Baptist

    I truly feel that we should all put our focus on the actual publishers of these types of books and not the retailers themselves.

  11. John the Baptist

    Granted, it might be "poor judgement" on any retailer that sells this book or any like it. I personally know chidren, who are now adults, that have been molested – an actual example of this is my own wonderful sister.

  12. John the Baptist

    My sister is my hero! She has moved on with her life and we are so very proud of her and we love her so much. I asked her about this and she stated that, "You know what, we are sorrounded by evil 24/7, 365 days a year, every year since humans have been here." She also stated," I shop at for my chidren and myself any time of the year all of the time and this crap (she actually stated s**t) is ridiculous!"

  13. John the Baptist

    She also stated that, "In these hard economic times that we as a nation have been in, has shown some progress in job growth recently." We, my sister and I, both know very hard working good people who have recently just started back to work after 1, 2, or more years of unemployment due to the arrogant upper class wall street A**holes that had to have every penny to themselves! A few of those people we know went to work for a company known as ""

  14. John the Baptist

    If we boycott 1 company then maybe we should just boycott the entire world, because, unfortunately for us all, evil lurks everywhere…thank you and God bless us all, Amen..

  15. ewhatley

    I’ve held Amazon in high regard for 15 years. While this book is obviously despicable and disgusting, my inclination is to give Amazon the benefit of the doubt. I would think they have safeguard software that red lights submissions based on certain keywords, in this case “pedophile” would have been flagged. Maybe there was a glitch in the safeguard. Or maybe a disgruntled employee knowingly let the submission pass. Unless we learn otherwise, I’ll assume it was an error of some sort and will not boycot Amazon.

    • J Hannah

      Amazon has admitted they knew they were selling a book about pedophilia an defend the action by saying it was free speech. Indeed, our laws allow for free speech and I support that but I will not support companies that hide behind free speech to sell books on how to sexually abuse children and get away with it. Freedom of speech doesn't mean the guaranteed right to sell your twisted, mentally-ill drivel about how to damage children on Amazon. If Amazon hadn't known and then yanked it when they found out I'd have been fine with Amazon, but they admit they knew and *defended* it, only pulling it when they figured it was going to hit them in the pocketbook. That, to me, is disgusting and I will let Amazon know that by writing them and not giving them my money. When they apologize for their earlier position and outline they clearly understand what it was wrong, then I will go back to shopping with them. I encourage others that care about children and feel we must stop giving a pass to anyone who harms children or defends telling others how to harm children as "free speech" to do the same, but its a free country – that goes along with the free speech. I can shop where I want and publicly call out any business I feel is behaving in a morally reprehensible way.

  16. Gerette Allegra

    I usually spend over $1000 at Christmas season on Amazon. That relationship is over. This company should burn in hell. We sold all our stock today!! Bye=Bye!

  17. Shelia Bradley-Smith

    Wait to see what happens if the other major book companies don't heed to our warnings. I have no better thing to do than to protect our children no matter the giant. Amazon and others should have known better than to think we as parents, relatives, and concerned citizens would allow this to happen. I am taking this battle personally because I have the full understanding and the pain/ suffering because of these pedophiles. Some people can understand this heart wrenching issue better than others. Some even think child kidnappings could not happen to their families. WRONG! I live with the struggle on the daily basis of keeping that haunting deep thought out of my mind, as to what may have or still may be happening to my KIDNAPPED NIECES DIAMOND AND TIONDA BRADLEY. All children deserve to live freely and grow up into productive adults. Not having the fears of the bogie man, or the raper man. Bottom line, enough is enough. Time to take back our communities and raise our children in safer neighborhoods.

  18. Shelia Bradley-Smith

    I wil gladly meet face to face with anyone from Amazon and let them know what they have done. I personally feel that Amazon should offer a letter of apology and donate money to the Toys for Tots program, Even better, they can hire me as a consultant to screen their submissions, that way this will never happen again. Sure CNN let us discuss this in front of the world. Amazon hiding will not boost their sales.

  19. Guest

    I view this as a matter of us teaming together to help protect children. This kind of material should not have even gotten printed! Amazon should keep listening to the people that want that material off of the market and help us protect children who can't protect themselves.!!The people of the US seem to have become tolerant to everything around them, well WAKE UP! Help us show that this kind of material and people are NOT welcome and we are NOT going to tolerate it!

  20. April

    I don't see that boycotting Amazon would have any effect in any case. I'm a little curious about who found out the book was there…were they searching for books that shouldn't be there? I'm also a little curious about the book itself – is it serious or someone playing a sick joke? If it is serious, I can see Amazon pulling it due to the subject matter being illegal.

  21. Denise B.

    People really need to stop forming opinions before knowing all the facts. is made up of many independent sellers/merchants that are supposed to abide by the site's rules and agreements. Unfortunately, no site has the manpower to police every single listing.

    Once the complaints started coming in, removed the book from their listings. What more can they do. They're only human just like us and shouldn't be held to some higher standard of perfection that none of us can even achieve.

    On top of that, the media passed off an obvious generic customer service response to one of the complaints as the company's statement.

    As for boycotting, I hope people understand that that means boycotting all of the other independent sellers/merchants that did nothing wrong.

    I am not boycotting, because I can see the situation for what it is and don't buy into all the hype the media uses to provoke people into making snap judgments without giving any consideration to the actual circumstances.

  22. john

    Just contacted Amazon on this issue. I was shocked to see this to say the least. How would anyone at Amazon not have some courage and stand-up on a very serious issue and tell this author; who is basically supporting criminal sexual abuse on a minor to TAKE A HIKE. An issue that has affected so many children and their families; resulting in physical, psychological and emotional scars for a lifetime must not be chalked up to Freedom of Speech. This is akin to shouting ‘Fire” in a crowded theater. If the sick audience this author is targeting acts on his advice. crimes will be committed and people will be harmed. I also advised Amazon to prepare for a boycott and to lose business starting with me, a long time customer.

    To April. It matters when enough people stand-up as a group and say enough. Do you think it might have been linked by an employee? I for one would have leaked this to the press in a second, job be damned.

  23. Bacallsmom

    While I consider pedophiles some of the sickest, most depraved people in the world, I still think the proper response to this book is–don't buy it! I don't believe anyone has the right to tell a bookseller what books they are allowed to sell–that is way too reminescent of book burning and banning incidents in history.

    I also am concerned that all this brouhaha about the book has only served to give the publishers a whole bunch of free publicity. People who would never have heard of this book are now aware of it. And if someone wants to buy this book, they will find a way to buy it and a retailer who will sell it. Some folks will now buy it just out of curiosity or or pure contrariness and to bug the people who are protesting. The end result will be more money going to the publishers and more encouragement for them to publish similar trash in the future.

    And the pedophiles will go on being pedophiles, no matter what happens with this book.

  24. Patricia

    We should have the freedom to boycott just like the person had the freedom to write the book and a store had the freedom to sell the book Why is it freedoms only seem to be one-sided anymore?

  25. Lisa

    Since when do you have to be a parent to be a decent human being? Do you really believe our founding fathers believed in protecting child rapists? Disgusting and perverse, dangerous. Amazon is no longer a retailer for me.

  26. Guest

    I understand that everyone is entitled to their own opinions and that people feel very strongly on both sides of the fence. But as for me, who was a very avid shopper, I will no longer be using their services. People who harm children, people who defend hurting children, and people who market off of hurting children should be removed from society. I have a child of my own and the thought of anyone even thinking of hurting him, let's just say I would pull a "Law Abiding Citizen" in a heart beat. And yes, I was going to give the benefit of the doubt until they defended themselves Wednesday morning because of a "freedom of speech" issue. And sure people who could care less will most likely continue to shop there. But for people who care as much as I do about this very sensitve issue will stand their ground and find other places to spend their hard earned money. Call us ignorant for not learning the "facts" but as I stated in the begining, we are ALL entitled to our OWN opinion.

  27. Sunshyn V

    One thing which makes our country great is free speech. I feel that, as reprehensible it is that someone wrote such a book, the only thing Amazon is doing is endorsing a principle our great country stands for. It would be more appropriate for anyone who doesn't like it to write a book about that and outsell this guy. As it is, all the talk against it is just making that awful book sell better.

  28. karla

    I reallyis a bad content for EVERYONE but in this case you need to know always what you kids are doing so is your child have this book and you don't know about it maybe is the parent's fault for not be totally involved with what you kid are doing or reading in this case. But knowing amazon what amazing store they are probably going to banning the book

  29. Gloria Walshver

    Pedophiles are a danger to our children so if someone wrote a book about them and Amazon has it ,I would boycott Amazon if they don't comply and take it off their book shelves.

  30. meeyeehere

    Well,the trouble is we are a free country so they have a right to say write these kinds of books HOWEVER if the book seemed like a brain washing,or that the book was encouraging of this kind of behavior,steps could be taken to have this book banned.I won't take a stand against AMAZON but I think some one should try to have this book banned.

  31. Will

    Freedom of speech is about protecting someone's right to speech, not taking away everyone else's right to not listen or support them. When private individuals and private corporations choose to block themselves from certain speech; or they choose not to give support or funding or buisiness to those who are apart of spreading that speech- that's not going against someone's freedom of speech.

  32. Suzanne K

    It's horrible that the book exists and is being sold, but that's part of the first amendment. I don't think it should be on Amazon (anyone can see it there), but won't be Boycotting Amazon over it.

  33. Shelia Bradley-Smith

    I have been in contact with Amazon and it appears that Amazon is making every effort to resolve this issue. I realize that we as parents, family members, and the community as a whole must do everything within our powers to protect our children. I must say that Amazon is fervently addressing all the issues I have forwarded to them via emails. Let us not confuse the focus here and do acknowledge the fact that we collectively demand the halt of sales of such materials, and Amazon is making every effort possible to assure that this will not happen again. We must also keep the true blame where it should be, on those responsible for harming our children. I am currently corresponding with some of the other well known book companies about a similar situation and hope they will heed to my warning as well. It is my honest opinion to say, given the efforts on behalf of Amazon Books; we are no longer under that same degree of harm by the sales of such materials. We should keep a close eye on things and then act accordingly.

  34. Patricia Taylor

    Ban the book I feel they should shoot the man who wrote it. I myself was a victim of child sexual abuse and there is so much of it that is hidden still today. Why would anyone even write a book such as this? Has anyone even checked into his background? I am sure that he is a child abuser and should be in jail.
    Patricia in Missouri

  35. Concerned Parent

    I want to let you know: Look like two books that have gotten publicity may have been removed. But, I have seen NO apology from for selling these books. Actually, from my understanding Amazon has been receiving complaints for YEARS about this, but have refused to remove them, even knowing the content. Also, HOWEVER, I want to let you know that Amazon has MANY more sick and abusive books about men seducing and raping little boys – this is something that they are accustomed to selling on their site. (One book is so disgusting I won't even post a link, but it has a drawing of a small little boy – showing him naked in the front and back. It is an erotic boy-lover book and it's author has more such books for sale on…) It is digusting that child-abusers actually write book reviews on Amazon praising the merits of these books (Amazon publishes these too). Please boycott AMAZON until they acknowledge that promoting child-rape is evil and will stop selling those materials on their site, not just take it off because it was going to affect their holiday sales. Protect our children – avoid Amazon!

  36. mamabunny13

    I wouldn't boycott Amazon over it personally, but I don't think they should sell any material that is like a guide on how to break the law and do despicable things.

  37. Carla

    Maybe did this slip past Amazon? It just seems odd that somethign like this could get published. This seems to take free speech a little to far though because it might encourage acts that are harmful.

  38. mel

    boycott or not. i just can't with good conscience buy from any company that would sell that kinda smut. i dont buy from certain gas stations that sell porn either. it's just a matter of conscience. we have to make sacrifices sometimes for what we believe.


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