Parents Fight Yoga Classes in School

5084898453_8e33516573_bI suppose I should admit right at the beginning of this article that I practice yoga. I’m not by any means an expert or highly advance yogi or anything. But I have practiced on and off since my early twenties. I swore by prenatal yoga when pregnant and practiced yoga breathing during the birth of both kids. As a daycare provider I did kid centered yoga routines with my toddler/preschool kids. It was a great way to keep the kids not only fit but also burns up energy on rainy and cold days in the winter when we couldn’t go outside.

I have been consistent with doing a simple 20 minutes of yoga daily for the last two years. It helps me stay fit, reduce stress, sleep better, and work the aches and pains that come with not being be 25 anymore….

I firmly believe in the effects of yoga and that is an incredible bridge for people looking to create a healthier lifestyle.

Research has shown those positive effects on kids are just as strong especially in kids who are ADHD or simply a little extra high-strung. SO when I read that a school in Encinitas, a town near San Diego California, had began teaching yoga to kids at school for free, I thought it was brilliant.

Than I read that parents at the school were removing their kids from the class and even protesting it, I was shocked.

“There’s a deep concern that the Encinitas Union School District is using taxpayer resources to promote Ashtanga yoga and Hinduism, a religion system of beliefs and practices,” attorney Dean Broyles told the Times.

Personally I have never taken a yoga class that focused or even discussed the religious or spiritual aspects of yoga. Superintendent Tim Baird is standing behind the yoga classes and expects the district’s trustees to keep the classes, which started in nine schools in September and are scheduled to be introduced to other campuses in January.

“Yoga is a worldwide exercise regime utilized by people of many different faiths,” he said. “Yoga is part of our mainstream culture.”

Personally I have no idea why any parent would not want their child to partake in a safe healthy fitness class that will help them sleep better, relieve stress and be health. FOR FREE.

If these classes were happening where I live not only would I be supporting my kids attending, I’d be sneaking in myself…

What are your thoughts? Are these parents way overreacting or not?

Photo Credit: J. Star via photopin cc

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