Piper Teams Up With Life360 To Bring You ‘Smart Arming’

smartarmingPiper users are always looking for smart and efficient ways to protect their families and we at Piper are constantly researching and implementing improvements to make the Piper home security system better. Over the past few months we have introduced a slew of new products — including water sensors and connected light bulbs available through our Marketplace — that allow families to customize their Piper systems exactly to their needs. But there was still one thing missing: how to extend that security beyond the home.

That’s why we’re really excited to announce that we’ve teamed up with Life360, the premier family networking app, to secure Piper users in and out of the home with what we’re calling “Smart Arming.” With Piper and Life360, knowing that your home is safe as people in your Life360 circle come and go is now simple and easy to do.

Piper and Life360’s “Smart Arming” technology will be seamless for users. Piper notifies users when their systems are unarmed and no family members are detected in their homes through Life360’s geofencing technology. Users then simply tap the notification on their mobile device’s lock or home screen to set Piper to “away” mode, automatically arming their security device without having to open any apps. It is as simple as a tap of a button; you know that your home and family is safe while you are away.

We are proud to be revolutionizing the connected home alongside Life360, and we hope that you enjoy Piper and its customizable features as much as we’ve enjoyed creating it for you!

By Jason Domangue – VP of Piper Marketing, Icontrol Networks

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