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Weight Gain During Pregnancy Leads to Heart Disease in Kids

Too much pregnancy weight gain can increase the risk of heart disease for children, showing signs as early as age 9! This news come from a study published in Circulation by the University of Bristol, which claims that the risk of heart disease increased with any weight gain during the first 14 weeks of pregnancy and any weight gain over 1.1 lbs. per week between 14 to 36 weeks of pregnancy. Is it reasonable to expect pregnant women to watch their weight so carefully?

Carolyn at Babble has a good analysis of the report.

WebMD reports that “the reason why these kids have a high heart risk by 9 years of age is their fat mass. But exactly why children tend to be fat if their mothers gain too much weight during pregnancy isn’t clear.” It seems pretty obvious, right? The old saying goes, “You are what you eat.” Your baby eats what you eat, so if you’re eating a lot of fatty foods, your fetus is, too.

From Babble. Photo by toastforbrekkie.

17 Responses to “Weight Gain During Pregnancy Leads to Heart Disease in Kids”

  1. Dave, RN

    Umm… Developing fetus' need fat for brain development. So do babies. That's why breast milk is somewhere in the neighborhood of 43% saturated fat. __Maybe these kids get fat and then show signs of heart disease is becuase thier parents feed them like they eat, (and ate while pregnant). That is, lots of those "hearthealthywholegrains" and sugar. Parents eat it, parents get fat. Feed it to your kids, they get fat too.__Fat is not the enemy. Science has already figured this out, but there's so much politics behind the low fat dogma…

  2. amelia1018

    Age 9 seems awfully late to be linked to development in utereo, and it's interesting that the mothers who are already overweight at the time of pregnancy seem not to be impacting their 9 year olds. That part doesn't make sense to me – if it's about the uterine environment, wouldn't an already-high incidence of fats have the same effect? My take is that it's likely that pregnancy weight gain is not the only common factor in these children's lives – might post-birth diet and activity level come into play?

  3. Aimee 4A

    if you are overweight, it is likely your child will be as well, I think some women use the excuse of pregnancy to gain wait…I know i did with mine! I think it is what is enforced in the home afterwards. Healthy foods and excersize!

  4. Laura

    I also think age 9 is a bit late to be linked to pregnancy, however I do believe that women should try not to use the excuse of being pregnant for eating absolutely everything, I've heard that eating 400 calories extra per day is all you need during pregnancy.

  5. Timbo

    Me neither, this is yet another example of studies coming dangerously close to propaganda. I would have to ask questions about how they acquired their data, how did they define what "weight gain" is and how they can tell that it will potentially lead to heart disease, and how much?

    Without thinking critically about ANY study produced by ANYONE, we run the risk of being duped by someone else's agenda. Happens all the time, and very frankly, only idiots think otherwise 🙂

  6. sezin

    i agree, however i don't get how our eating habits change this much with the hormones? i've got polycystic ovarian syndrome and my doctor prescribed me contraceptive pills for that and told me that i should use it for at least 9 months. after 9 months she told me if i feel ok it'd be better for me to continue using them for another 3 months. I used them but they gave me nausea so, after 1 year of taking them i stopped using them as my doctor said. and now my periods have again become irregular like once in 3 months!! and this hormone disruption makes me wanna eat a lot!! and i gain weight!! i try to keep myself from eating. however unlike my normal eating habits, which is quite healthy with almost no fat, i tend to eat a lot of disgusting fatty food!! so i really don't know how pregnant women can keep themselves from gaining weight except for regular excercising.

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