How to Stop Your Child From Becoming a Cyberbully

We’ve talked about how to deal with a child that’s being bullied, but how do parents know when it’s their child that is the bully? Ross Ellis, the CEO of Love Our Children USA, an organization dedicated to ending violence against children, shares some advice on MomLogic.

1. Talk to your kids

Have consistent casual conversations with your kids, and bring up how common cyberbullying is in the news. Could your child imagine how being cyberbullied would make him/her feel?

2. Remember age limits for websites

Facebook, for example, says you should be at least over 13 years old. Parents know best for their kids, but any younger than 13 can be dangerous for your child.

3. Teach your kids about privacy

Remind your children to never post anything on the web that they wouldn’t want everybody to know.

4. Offer guidance

Your child needs to understand that teasing and name-calling, or even worse, spreading rumors about people is completely unacceptable, whether it’s online or off.

From MomLogic.