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Product Recall Tool to Keep Your Family Safe

 Product recalls can be overwhelming and it’s difficult to find relevant recalls to you and your family. I just realized how hard in fact–I’ve been using this coffee grinder for the last few years without knowing that my family and I have been at a high risk by using it! has recently begun contributing to Life360Now by sharing a monthly product recall report of some of the most popular items. Hopefully this will help us all stay a little safer without getting too lost in the noise.

They also have an online tool called, Items I own, where you can register products you own onto your account. These items will be checked against their database and then you’ll be notified if any of them are recalled. So easy!

So easy, in fact, that I started my own account just to check things out, and guess what! My coffee grinder could have started spinning while I was cleaning it in one of the few hundred times I’ve done so in the last few years. EEK, my fingers! I had no idea my morning routine has been so dangerous, but I found out quickly enough after entering the product on the site and it even helped me find out how to get a free replacement!

Needless to say, I started entering other products I own that could potentially be dangerous and fortunately I haven’t found any more to be recalled, but the great thing is that if any of them are in the future I will be notified!

It’s pretty simple to use Items I Own, just click Add an Item, fill in a few details about the brand and type of product and, if you know them, more details such as the product name, when you bought it, etc that will help give you better results. Anytime their database comes up with a product you’ve entered as recalled you’ll know much quicker than I did about my dear old coffee grinder.

There’s even a Quick Start Form for “Baby & Toddler,” “Home,” “Tools & Hardware.”

I really think this is a vital tool to the modern family. With all the toys, tech gear, appliances and gagets these days, its nearly impossible to know when something is recalled. When it’s something like a malfunctioning car seat or toaster oven used every morning by your kids, we expect those items to be made safely. If they’re not, then how do we know we shouldn’t be using them?

Thanks WeMakeItSafer, we are loving Items I Own! To sign up for your own account go here, and come back to let us know how you like it too!


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