Q&A with Life360 Member Travis L.

Tell us a little about you.

My name is Travis L. and I live up in the country in eastern Washington as a cable installer with my wife, who works in the medical field. We have a son in his mid-twenties, and a few pets – three dogs and three cats.  

How did you hear about Life360 and why did you download it?

We actually downloaded the app on accident. But since we live 30 miles outside of town, we use it to see if someone is passing the store and maybe have them pick up a few things that we may need.

How long have you been a user?

We have had the app for four years.

Who is in your circle & what is your favorite feature?

My Mom, Dad and wife are all in the same Circle. We check each other’s location sporadically. Mainly to see if my parents are home so we can call them, or for them to see if we are home from work so they can call us. 

What does your family think about Life360?  

My parents were really excited about Life360. Since they live in Arizona, they like to check-in on our whereabouts and it lets them feel connected.

Describe your family in 3 words

Close, caring, friends.

How has Life360 helped you in an unexpected way? 

It was the night before Thanksgiving in 2017 and I was preparing to host dinner at my house. I had gone to the store earlier that day to pick up King Crab, but they were out – so my wife was going to stop on her way home to pick it up.  She called me on her way home to let me know that she was about to pick it up and would be home shortly. I was watching TV at the time and when my show was over 45 minutes later, I realized my wife still wasn’t home, which was odd since the store is only 7 miles away. So, I checked Life360 and when I zoomed in, I saw she was in the hospital. During the entire drive to the hospital, I thought she had been in a car accident, but when I arrived, I found out that she had a brain aneurysm. She had collapsed at the store and the store called 911 who took her to the hospital. The next day she had a craniotomy procedure done and was in ICU in 16 days. She’s since made a full recovery. 

Thanks to Life360, I arrived only 45 minutes after she arrived at the hospital. We love this app and we will never get rid of it. We all check it a lot more frequently now – especially to and from work if the roads are bad. 

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