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Question of the Week: Should We Ban Cell Phone Use While Driving?

A new study by the Virginia Tech Transportation Institute found that texting while driving raised the collision risk by 23 times more than driving while not texting. Also, a previous study showed that dialing a number on a cell phone raised the risk by three times, while speaking on a phone made a crash 1.3 times more likely.

Texting while driving: a deadly combination. Right?

Texting while driving: a deadly combination. Right?

Still, there’s the question of whether states should straight out ban phone use while driving. Currently, four states (plus Washington D.C.) have banned all handheld use while operating a motor vehicle; fourteen have specifically banned texting. Still, each state varies on the particulars — whether enforcement is primary or secondary, if it’s specific for novice drivers, etc. The Governor’s Highway Safety Assocation has a handy chart that tracks each state’s legislation on cell phone driving laws.

What’re your thoughts? Should cell phone bans be enforced, or can they even be enforced? Does using a hands-free headset make it safer? Discuss below!

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