5 Reasons to be Happy About the Kids Going Back to School

Chances are if someone were to take a look at the calendar hanging in your kitchen, they would see a day circled with a big felt marker that is only a few weeks away. That day, of course, would be the first day of school.

If you’re like me, you may be feeling slightly conflicted about that day looming on the calendar. For many parents, the beginning of the school year represents both positives and negatives. In fact, there are so many pros and cons that I can’t even decide for myself if I’m happy or bummed that the school year is coming.

So I decided to write a two-part post on both. The good and the bad of starting a new school year. This is part one where I’ll look at the things I’m looking forward to about the kids going back to school.

Be sure to add the things you’re looking forward about school starting at the bottom of the post.

1. Free Time

Though I suppose this can vary from parent to parent depending on whether they work out of the home, in the home, or as volunteers at school and run a household. For me, a mom who works from home, I can certainly appreciate the return of a quiet workday with no distractions.

2. No More Bickering

I don’t know about you, but now that we are in the last half of summer vacation the bickering in my house has increased dramatically. I can’t say I’ll complain when both kids get sent to their separate corners… er… I mean classrooms.

3. Chores

Honestly since summer started it seems that chores have slid quite far down the priority list. Keeping the kids busy, skipping off to the pool on lazy, hot days have all played a part in allowing the housework to pile up. Not that I’m a huge fan of housework (in fact I’m not really a fan at all), but even I have to admit it will be nice to get back into the normal routine.

4. Talking to Grown Ups

With the exception of the occasional play date or get together with friends, there has not been a whole lot of grown up conversation for me the last couple of months. I really look forward to reconnecting with my other mom friends at my kids’ school and enjoying some grown up conversation on a daily basis again.

5. School Activities

I’m one of those very weird moms who actually look forward to a lot of school activities. I enjoy volunteering (http://www.life360.com/blog/volunteering-at-school/), the fall carnival, field trips to the pumpkin patch, assemblies, Halloween parades, and all of it. I enjoy spending those moments with my kids and I look forward to a whole new year full of those moments.

Photo by Anthony Wheeler.