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The iPhone Mom Says Very Nice Things About Our App

Heather of the very wonderful blog The iPhone Mom, and famously Babble’s list of the Top 50 iPhone Apps for Moms, has written a glowing review of Life360’s Family & Offender GPS Tracker.

“Family & Offender GPS Tracker is easy to use and gives me both knowledge and peace of mind,” she writes. “Right now I’m primarily using it for offender information but when my children are old enough to venture off on their own the family member tracking will definitely come in handy.”

You can download the iPhone app for free right now. Check out the review!

33 Responses to “The iPhone Mom Says Very Nice Things About Our App”

  1. won

    I do not have an iphone, but would love the family member tracking! Just yesterday the coach kept my son and his team late at practice. It was only the second day of school and I panicked. I thought if he hadn't ever arrived to school, the school doesn't even have the emergency forms with everyone's phone number filed yet, so I might not have even got a call from the attendance monitor.

    I was so freaked. I called the school at 6pm and thank God the principal answered the phone and let me know what was happening.

  2. Linda O C

    I also do not have an iphone. I wish I did. This app would be great to keep track of the family. And not worry so much. LOL

  3. Rick Wilson

    i have the app and can not get it to work with friends who also have the app on their iphone. and no one from customer service will return emails or phone messages

  4. TDG

    I can't get the app to update their current location unless they are in the app, which makes it pointless if they lose their phone or are staying late at practice…..


    I need help

    MY HUSBAND INSTALL THIS PROGRAM on our phones, I spent the DAY AT Work FROM 9 AM TO 6:30 PM I HAD ONLY 10







    • Daaron

      I feel bad for you. Let your husband know that is app is way off. My wife,kid and I are in the same house and it is showing me at home, my son a few blocks away and my wife over 1 mile from here. We are all home looking at this scratching our heads.

    • GabbyB

      I personally think this app is HIGHLY inaccurate!! I downloaded it a few days ago and my husband downloaded it today. Well, I went out shopping to several stores, and he was worried (but sick and couldn't go with me). Last week I was approached by a person who tried to steal my purse, but I got him to leave by clutching my chest, holding my breath and turning red and groaning like I was having a heart attack. It worked, as he just moved off quickly. But, now my husband is scared for me to go shopping alone.
      Anyway, when I got back tonight we looked at the program to see what it listed…and not only did it say that HE was STILL at Home Depot (about 2 miles away- and where he has NOT gone in over 6 months), but it also showed a "history" of my movements which were bizarre!! The tracking was only about 50% accurate… so how is that reliable to help if someone is lost, injured, and needing help, etc.????

  6. medycyna estetyczna

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  7. Car

    Why is it that both of my daughters are home, sitting in the same room and both have identical phones with identical settings yet, my phone shows me that one is 23 feet from our house and the other is 800 feet from our house?

  8. Tayna Wender

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  9. Jennifer Segroves

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  10. Daaron

    I just tried the app, I really don't care if the tracker is 1,000 feet off. I see people saying that they don't understand how they can bee 100 feet away when they are next to each other. The point is, it is not 100% accurate. Its close but not military grade. What bothers me, is that it shows my son and my wife 1.3 miles from each other. It shows my son, 3 blocks west and my wife 6 blocks east. We are all sitting on the couch with are phones……. It has me located perfect, but over a mile off on everyone else. That is not acceptable. I am deleting this app from the phones. Glad it was free…..

  11. Bill

    I have tried for over 6 months. However it fails to be accurate, update frequently, and just does not work. Too bad, it is a great idea…

    • Life360

      Hey Bill, it sounds like you are having trouble with the app! That is certainly not how we built the app to work and there are ways that we can help you improve your accuracy. We would love to help you out if you'd like! Just email let them know what phone you have (android, iPhone), your cell provider (att&t, verizon, etc), and what issues you're having.

      Tell them I sent you over, they should be able to help you out! If you ever need anything at all don't hesitate to ask 🙂

      Life360 Community Manager

      • Erin S.

        Hey Kyle,

        I have been calling and emailing your company for over two weeks now with no response. The app that is supposed to "protect children" inaccurately lists people who are no longer registered in the state of Maryland. The company's lack of assistance has prompted us to contact a lawyer. I feel bad for all the parents out there that are relying on your app to protect their kids, when the information you guys provide is false to begin with. I would warn all app users to do their research first before relying on your product. Simply do a google search of their state and the worlds "sex offender" for a complete and ACCURATE list of sex offenders in their area. Otherwise they are putting their childrens' safety in the hands of a not-up-to-date app.


        Simply check your email address and you will see my emails.

        • Life360

          Hi Erin,

          I'm sorry to hear that you haven't received a reply, our standard response time is within 24 hours outside of peak periods. Please note that if you have contacted us regarding legal action, I can not reply as it is then in the hands of our counsel to process.

          Our app provides data that we collect from public/government resources. If you have disputes with whether an offender should be listed, we suggest you contact your local authority.

          Megan's Law requires law enforcement authorities to make information available to the public regarding registered sex offenders and we have heard from many parents that they appreciate that we share neighborhood safety information through our app.


  12. Zoe

    I share the same views as many of you; I left work to find my young daughter as Life 360 indicated she was 2.8 miles from the soccer field. I called her numerous times to see if she left with my neighbors child; upon my arrival to the soccer field I discovered she was indeed there and the phone was in her back pack. I understand it's not perfect but c'mon…2.8 miles off?!

  13. Shady08

    My girlfriend said I was out on the streets at 3 to 6 in the morning when I was not out on the streets I was in bed sleeping and now this app cost me my relashinship!!! She thought I was cheating I was not!! I was at home!!! This app is not accurate all the time!!

  14. krissi

    How do you take yourself off life 360 so people can't track you ??? It charges my cell phone

    • Kat

      Hey there, our family tried this Life360 and ran into the same problem. We found out that only the administrator can edit or delete family on there. On either a laptop or desktop computer, go to and this will take you to their Home page. You can sign in and navigate from there. Once the "adminisrator" is determined, they can delete or edit the information. However…..the "administrator" will not be able to delete themselves. They must send an email to the powers that be. We found this Life360 to be inaccurate, and easy to get into, but not get out of. Personally the best and easiest way to stay in touch with family and friends is via cell phone, simple texting, home phone, cb, or the good ole United Postal service. I wish you luck! We became very frustrated, as every text message costs us. Again…..good luck.

      A former short term Life360 member

  15. Jamie

    this is NOT a free app!
    You can only use it THREE (3) TIMES AND then it asks for MONEY!
    $4.99 A month!!!!
    hah! I was so mad when that popped up because NOWHERE did I read that it ws going
    to cost me money after I used it 3 times or I would not of bothered setting up four family
    members on this thing.

    Also I find it unreliabel as well….my husband, grandson and me are all sitting on the couch too and it says we are in different areas, blocks apart…how is that helpful if someone is missing? That is a WIDE area to cover if they are!

    • Life360

      Hey Jamie. Thanks for stopping by, sorry to hear you're having some confusion about the app.

      Our app is completely free for iPhone and Android users. You can locate other family members with these phones for free by using the Check In or Panic buttons. We do offer premium services like Instant Update which is what you were referring to for $4.99/mo. This feature costs our company money to provide to you which is why we must charge for it (however the $4.99/mo is a pretty good deal). This feature in particular is great if you have family members who dont have an iPhone or Android because it allows you to locate a phone based on its phone number rather than its GPS location. We offer 3 free times on this service to allow you to see if it is a feature you would like to have.

      Unfortunately locating this way is not quite as accurate sometimes, as you pointed out. The reason for this is we get the location from the phone service provider (i.e. verizon) they use the cell towers to locate the phone rather than GPS like your google maps app or Life360's Check In and Panic location updates does.

      I hope this helps explain some things for you. Please let us know if you have any other questions. You can also email for support questions.

      • JTJ

        I'm a IT Field Engineer for Car dealerships and I move around a lot. But for some reason a few times that I've been to this particular location it detects me a this one addres. I don't understand, and I've been with my wife going on 10 years and I'm not going to let an APP like this created by man RUIN my relationship with the person I love in this life.I've sat and pleaded with her for her to trust me, and to believe me. This app is playing a good number on me. It is very innacurate but dead on in trying to ruin my life.

  16. Terri

    So I have been freaking out for over an hour now about my husband not being at work when in actuality I got an email from his work email…of which can only be accessed at his desk. So hear I was, in tears, wondering what the hell he was doing BEFORE work and it has caused a HUGE, HUGE, HUGE fight! I'm seriously beginning to wonder how accurate this app really is! I can understand it being off a few feet or so, but it was off over 18 miles…and that's a lot of miles when it come to locating someone. What would have happen if one of us were in an accident and we were trying to find that person for emergency help! I now know not to depend so much on the accuracy of this app!!!!! This is so upsetting!

  17. Becky

    It sounds like alot of you people have jealousy/trust issues. The app is a great idea and seems to be a good value, since after all, it is FREE. Stop flipping out because it "inaccurately" says your spouse/ s.o. is somewhere other than where you thought they were going to be. I'm pretty sure the makers of this didn't intend for it to be a ankle bracelet for your grown ass "loved" one.

  18. pissed off

    i have the app and it is totally inaccurate, and i can't find a number to call anyone to stop charging my credit card,nor does anyone answer my emails. The emails come back to my mailbox. it's a scam, scam scam but i will be contacting my bank to stop payment. This app is useless. My son lost his new phone and guess what life360 is worthless. and it's not free A. in order to do request the app had to be upgraded for $4.99 a month. don't do it. It is no better than the free app. Whatever we use the app for is our business. It should do what it reads it will do.

  19. Terry Clymore

    Doesn't seem to work in the daytime. Can't connect to the server or takes a long time to "Retrieve Family Information". Not very accurate on Android phones!!! My friend and her daughter are on a trip right now together but not according to Life360. This would be a great program if it were more reliable.

  20. hmmm

    i dont know,this thing says my girlfriend was at someones house for a hour when she claims she was in school..her teacher says she was in class

  21. Dgm

    Do not accuse anyone over this APP!! It is tremendously inaccurate. I track myself and it is wrong many times a day. I use it to track my teenage son, but it will show him being in two different locations at the same time. It shows me being miles away from where I am. So please, don't think you are getting accurate information.

  22. Ngel

    Yea it is not that accurate. It showed my husband 30 miles away from an appointment he had to be at. I was worried he was running late, but i had a feeling that it was just the Life360 that was off and it was.

  23. guest

    Just try cpntacting these crooks at life360. You can't do it. The website has a "contact us website and when you click on it it says error page. I am blocking them off my cell phone and reporting their e-mails as spam. they sent me a message saying "I need Help" it had my husbands name on it .At first glance I almost freaked out as he is disabled however he was sitting right next to me when I got the message. I was furious and could not figure out who would play such a cruel trick on us. Then I looked closer at the message and realized it did not come from his phone. I called the number on the message and got a recording talking about the features of life360. They need to be reported to the FCC. and then sued for harrassment. I would never use their services and will tell all of my friends to do the same.


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