Safety for all: Introducing Crash Detection for all Life360 members

At Life360, we believe that there’s nothing more important than protecting loved ones. That’s why today, we’re excited to announce that Crash Detection is now available to all Life360 members at no cost. 

Crash Detection uses advanced sensor technology to detect collisions over 25mph the moment they happen, allowing Circle members and emergency contacts to respond right away when every second counts.

From long morning commutes and bus rides, to away games and road trips in all types of weather, modern life has us logging more miles than ever. And as parents and family members ourselves, we know the worry associated with teen drivers, tired drivers, and distracted drivers. Crash Detection empowers families by removing some of that uncertainty and offers each driver and passenger an extra layer of protection on the road.

Turn on Crash Detection

Enable Crash Detection for your family in a few easy steps:

If you’re curious to learn more visit 

Try Crash Detection with emergency dispatch

Over the years, Life360 members have shared their truly powerful Crash Detection stories. For some, having first responders called to the scene made all the difference. 

Included in our Driver Protect membership, Crash Detection with emergency dispatch comes with live agent support. When a crash is detected, we’ll call the driver or passenger involved. If we can’t reach them or if they confirm that help is needed, we immediately send an ambulance to the vehicle’s location. 

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