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Science Has Even More Reasons That Your Kids Should Learn Music

I’m sure we can all agree that getting your child to learn an instrument has benefits. It’s great for learning, future college applications, and to, you know, impress other parents. But new research—which actually sounds legit, considering how many big words and concepts go over my head—talks about the scientific benefits of studying music. In fact, it teaches how to learn better.

Engaging with music increases neuroplasticity—the brain’s ability to adapt and change over the course of one’s life—and enables nervous system to provide “stable scaffolding of meaning patterns so important to learning.”

It also helps communication skills, not just with music, but in all aural forms, thanks to increased sound-to-meaning connections in the brain. And for kids with learning disorders, particularly those vulnerable to the effects of background noise, music training can strengthen those neural processes that affect their development, especially in children with dyslexia or have trouble hearing.

So there. Even more reasons for kids to learn music!

Do your kids play an instrument?

From Science Daily. Photo by Ernst Vikne.

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