“Server Gymnastics”

infrastructure teamServer Gymnastics

Thank you again for your patience over the last few days as we managed unexpected server maintenance. Our team worked tirelessly all weekend as large banks of servers were taken offline to have software updates run, and then brought back online, something our team calls server gymnastics.

We realize that you rely on us to keep your family connected and we did our best to minimize the user impact, but some things were beyond our control. The good news is we should be back up to 100% very soon. While we have our main servers and backup servers, when even one of them goes offline it can cause issues with update lags, server connections, and general app functionality and that was what you experienced.

If you would like to read more about this EC2 reboot, this post over at ZDNet will give you more information about what exactly was going on, and why we experienced these issues.

We’re at the tail end of it now, and again, we are so very appreciative of you, our users for your patience as we get through this.