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Sex Offenders in Your Neighborhood?

Kourtney, a guest blogger at MomLogic, was surprised to learn that there were sex offenders living in her neighborhood. She writes, “When we got home that night, I checked the sex-offender website to see if any lived near us. Chances are, I thought, there’d be one or two. But I was disturbed to find out that there are SEVEN within a one-mile radius—and two of them are IN MY NEIGHBORHOOD.”

She then called her local school principal and the director of the parks department to see if they were aware of the sex offenders. Both were, and fully aware of their names, addresses, and what they looked like, which was reassuring to Kourtney. At least a little reassuring.

In case you didn’t already know, Life360 offers a sex offender tracker that lets you plug in your address to see where sex offenders are in your area. Check out Offender360.

From MomLogic.