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Should You Let Your Child Play Football?

After the recent news of two college football players suffering terrible injuries — one Rutgers player being paralyzed from the waist down and a Penn football player who killed himself, even though there were no obvious signs of traumatic brain injury — Robin at Strollerderby asking whether or not she should let her son play football. She writes:

“Spinal cord injuries like the one suffered by LeGrand don’t happen very often in football. It’s awful and tragic when they do, but there are rules in place that minimize the risk factors. If letting my son play football were just about the potential for a spinal cord injury, I’d probably say yes. But the brain injury question is different because the problem seems to stem from the game itself, so I’d say no, or would I?”

Considering the hundreds of thousands of young kids that play competitive football in the U.S., the chance of a permanent injury is still unlikely. But there are, of course, less dangerous sports out there. What’s a parent to do?

Would you let your child play football?

From Strollerderby.