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10 Reasons Why You Shouldn't Drink Soda

10_soda_factsAmerica is, not surprisingly, the world’s highest per-capita consumer of soda. I knew sodas are unhealthy beverages, but I didn’t realize quite how bad they were until I saw these ten disturbing facts about soda.

  1. Increased risk of osteoporosis
  2. Increased risk of kidney stones
  3. Soda is addictive
  4. It’s an expensive habit
  5. Potential for tooth decay
  6. Mountain Dew Syndrome
  7. Extremely high phosphorus intake
  8. Ingredients not listed on the label
  9. Potential link to cancer (still not proven, but very possible)
  10. Just look at this video about how much sugar is in soda

I don’t know about you, but I’m going to think twice before I order a Coke again. And I’m definitely going to start monitoring my family’s soda consumption habits.

Any other reasons to add to the list? Do you let your kids drink soda?

Facts from Pharmacy Technician Certification. Photo by poolie.

40 Responses to “10 Reasons Why You Shouldn't Drink Soda”

  1. Scarlet

    Why give them something you know is not good for them when you could give them something you know is good for them like water?

  2. Peter

    Soda is a treat – not a given. I know that there are a lot of reasons to be careful, but there are times that the taste of the carbonated beverage can be appealing. We definitely limit soda intake around our house, though. Nobody is really excluded. I keep some cans around and will occasionally make soda with our home soda machine, but a 12-pack lasts for at least a month easily. Even when we're out we tend to limit sweet drinks overall. Water or milk, sometimes tea, and rarely a soda. I'm not going to condemn someone who lets their kids have soda, though if that's all they let them have – that's just foolishness.

  3. Sarah Hirsch

    I grew up in a household that never had soda and I intend to keep mine the same way. There is no benefit whatsoever to soda (well, I guess the taste, but there are enough other things that taste good to find a better substitute)

  4. Kowanda

    I don't let my son drink soda. He doesn't like the carbonation. My husband gave up soda in high school. I usuallly drink water at resturants. I maybe have a soda once a month. I consider it a treat not part of my regular diet. I did not know the bit about ostoperosis. YIKES!

  5. @PotamusPrefers

    I do occasionally drink Coke or Dr. Pepper myself, but not daily. My addiction is iced tea. It's probably not good for me either. As for my kids, I don't give it to them. They get milk and water and occasionally juice.

  6. Brent Dotson

    Everbody keeps talking about sugar. What about diet drinks. I know that at lease one of the 10 applies (#10) applies only to sugared (Actually corn syrup) drinks. How many of the others is that true of.

  7. Blair

    Wow – Mountain Dew Syndrome!! I had never heard of such thing. To use Mountain Dew as a kind of anti-depressant is sad & then have your teeth rot because of overuse is even sadder. This Mountain Dew fan is no longer….

  8. darcyo

    My family drinks a lot of water. My daughter would rather drink water than soda. When I do drink soda, it's diet soda, which isn't good for you either.

  9. Jacob LaFountaine

    I'm a soda junkie. I admit it. Diet soda for probably 20 years. No ill effects yet. It definitely helped me lose weight with its empty calories

  10. Stephanie R

    I've been against soda (other than every once in a while) ever since I was in junior high because I stopped drinking it then when I realized I NEEDED it. I didn't like the feeling of something having that kind of control over me, so I stopped drinking soda and started drinking water. I probably don't even know how much this has affected my health, but I do know that I won't be giving it to my daughter.

  11. Cindy Merrill

    1842 "receet" for Switchel- updated: 1 cup blackstrap molasses, 2 spoonfuls of powdered ginger, 1 quart cider: Heat on stove until warm. Pour into gallon jug, add 1/2 cup vinegar, fill rest of jug with cold filtered water, leave a little room ( you'll need to seal and shake the jug just before serving): Keep in fridge: Cost pennies, high in Iron, thirst quenching- tell your kids its a new "energy" drink. This explains how farmers could work 12 hours a day in the hayfields without collapsing 150 + years ago.

  12. Eliane T.

    I drink soda occasionally. And usually in the summer because I think it's refreshing. But I rather drink cold water than anything else.
    My sister drinks soda everyday! It is really addictive.

  13. Serendipity is Sweet

    I try to drink mostly water or tea, but I do have a soda a day. Diet, which I know is just as bad if not worse than the regular. My kids only have soda occasionally. I totally agree that it's not healthy…and it is expensive. We've saved a lot by cutting way back on soda and Vitamin Water, Gatorade, etc.

  14. msed67156

    I grew up not drinking pop unless we went out to eat, which was a treat in itself!

  15. Nicole

    My daughter only drinks water, and never asks for soda. I personally don't like it because of the "fizz"

  16. Susan S.

    My family on average drank more soda than water. I have to tell you that soda pop is addictive. When I went off of caffeine, I had migraine level headaches for about 2 days. My son and I are on a health kick to lose weight and not drink soda pop anymore. Thanks for the great post!

  17. Joan

    Our happy home is soda-free –
    too much sugar – we prefer tea.
    We'd like to keep our teeth, you see,
    So it's cool, clean water for him and me.

  18. Timbo

    One thing that I think is interesting about soda is that it is actually *less* harmful to the teeth than potato starch. Potato starch has been show to cause more damage because it sticks longer, gets in the cracks better and stays there.

  19. Christine Sarkauskas

    It sure is hard to not drink soda. I am down to drinking diet now!

  20. Vicki Andrew

    I was amazed at how much better I felt after I stopped having a lunch time soda, I kept telling myself that since it was diet it didn't count, wrong

  21. Dotti

    My husband lives off of Dr. Pepper. I am slowly getting him to change his ways. Wanna know what did it? His dentist bill!!

  22. matty's mom

    I decided to give up soda while pregnant. I couldn't wait to have a coke when I was done. Finally the time came and my husband came in with an ice cold caffeine free coke. I was so excited! I took a big gulp (like I had always done) and immediately spit it out. It tasted like pure corn syrup to me! I couldn't believe how nasty sticky sweet it was! now, I don't miss it one bit and am so thankful I took the time away from it to taste it for what it really was 🙂

  23. Cynthia C

    One of the worst things in almost every soda is high fructose corn syrup. It's processed by the body in ways that increase obesity despite their ad campaign to make you think it's "natural" and no worse than sugar.

  24. shanna

    Wow, I never knew a lot of those reasons why you shouldn't drink soda.
    Thankfully I stopped last year, just for the sugar reason. Now I have many more reasons
    why quitting is such a good thing!

  25. jamie e.

    I just hate all the sugar that's in it. I went off soda for the new year, but my kids still drink Sprite and Root Beer, after reading this, I'm thinking about taking them off of it. There's so many better options out there.

  26. ConiSu

    I used to be a heavy soda drinker until I was diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes last Summer. I tried the sugar free ones, but didn't care for the taste so I just gave sodas up completely. It was difficult at first and I still get a craving for one now and then, but after reading your article I'm even more determined to stay far away from them. Thanks!

  27. tina

    I have been trying to stop drinking soda and it is for sure addictive, I have been weening my self off, because I feel bad to drink it and not let my kids.

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  30. Bmxer

    Screw this soda is bomb why drink something that you don't like. Soda is good live life to the fullest and worry about everything else later.


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