Star Wars Kids Alphabet

Most of our readers her at Life360 Now! are parents (or really awesome uncles and aunts who love kids). You or someone you know a big Star Wars geek? What about their newest additions to the family?

It seems we always want to share our personal interest with our children. Whether that be sports, music, political views, hobbies, etc. And why shouldn’t we? We’ve been around for a while and know some pretty cool things to share. We always want the best for our children after all!

We’ll for any of you space geeks out there, I have the best new thing for you and your little jedi’s: a Star Wars alphabet!

This is without a doubt the coolest way to learn the alphabet and Dad’s favorite movie of all time. Thats what the creators (and happy new parents of the next biggest Star Wars fan) Brandon and Emma Peat think anyway. 8BitDad shares a great interview with the couple and shares the full alphabet of little Star Wars heroes, heroins and villans.

Husband and wife, Brandon and Emma Peat, are in their mid-twenties and met while attending the graphic design program at the University of Saint Francis in Fort Wayne, Indiana. “I’m sure that having like-minded artistic brains was a major factor in how and why we got together”, Brandon says.

They started dating shortly after he graduated in 2007 where they were married 2 years later.

See the rest of the alphabet and read the rest of the interview on 8BitDad!