Staying Safe While Getting Your Trick or Treat On

This upcoming Halloween is proving to be unlike the years before. With the pandemic and social distancing guidelines in place, many families are wondering how on earth they’re going to navigate the traditions of Halloween. Thankfully, a bit of creativity and connection can go a long way towards keeping your night spooky and fun!

Here are five ways to keep your night haunted with good memories:

1) Set boundaries.
We have been advised to live our lives in smaller groups, and when it comes to Halloween, this means that you may have to set some firm, but kind, boundaries with your children. This might mean that you travel with only your immediate family or a small group of trusted friends. It might feel different, but smaller groups also allow for greater feelings of intimacy and connection and can help to create lasting memories!

2) Make your house a minimal contact “Trick or Treat zone”.
There are some incredibly creative ways that families have altered their Halloween plans to account for social distancing. Take a stroll through Pinterest and you will see candy-slides, tube contraptions, and more! It can be as simple as setting up a table on your driveway with a bowl of candy and then sitting six feet away in order to greet your neighborhood Trick or Treaters. You can still be a part of the festivities while remaining a safe distance away!

3) Stay connected.
Your children may be of the age that they want to travel with their friends in the neighborhood. While you may want to allow that freedom, you can still check in on your child as they visit houses with their friends. Life360 offers a variety of ways to stay connected to your child while allowing them their autonomy. Life360 Bubbles is a new addition to the app that provides a child with a geofence where they are “masked” from the parent so long as they remain within that region. However, if a parent feels as though their child may be in danger or hasn’t responded, they have the option to “burst the Bubble” and locate their child. This is a wonderful stepping-stone for a child who is moving towards independence, while still allowing parents to stay closely connected.

4) Get creative with Halloween at home! 
Many parents may not feel comfortable with Trick or Treating, or perhaps their prior traditions typically involved large gatherings. Halloween parties and firework shows will have to be put aside this year, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t be creative at home! Try a scavenger hunt for candies and treats in the house or in the backyard. Have an evening of “spooking” each other – perhaps using peeled grapes and noodles (zombie eyes and brains) in a blindfolded mystery game. Or order in a special dinner and watch a favorite Halloween movie together. New traditions can be forged as a result of these strange new limitations, and they may be ones that we keep long after our physical distancing period is over!

5) Reach out to loved ones.
For many extended family members, the holiday season is one of uncertainty. For those who are immunocompromised or are at risk of complications, there may not be an option to join their family for Trick or Treating as they typically do. Make a point of connecting with those friends and family members during these significant holidays. Send a video or pictures of your children in costumes. If you’re local, drop off a surprise “Trick or Treat” gift on their doorstep, or make a point of starting the evening at their home so that you can safely Trick or Treat from their doorstep. Make sure that your friends and family are still wrapped up in your family tradition so that they can feel connected during these holiday events.

Dr. Vanessa Lapointe joined Life360 in March 2019 as a Family Expert to help further the company’s mission of keeping families safe and connected. Dr. Lapointe is an author, parenting expert, and registered psychologist.

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