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Study: Eating Junk Food While Pregnant Makes Kids More Likely to Eat Junk Food

Here’s a controversial idea: pregnant mothers who eat junk food are more likely to birth children who eat junk food. The idea is that a mother’s food choice “sensitizes” the fetus to the taste and smell of those foods during pregnancy.

Read into this University of Colorado study some more and you’ll learn that this evidence actually comes from tests on the prenatal diet of mice, not humans, and the results go on to say that they aren’t sure how long those preferences last. So don’t be fooled into thinking your food choices affect brain development.

Robin Aronson, writing for Strollerderby, disagrees with the study, but still recommends pregnant mothers maintain a nutritious diet. “Eat a reasonable diet. If you make healthy choices like eating whole grains, lots of fruits and vegetables, healthy proteins and fats, it’ll be better for you and make it easier for you to lose weight postpartum. It’s also better for the baby, sure.”

From Strollerderby