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Study: Low-Sugar Cereals Make Kids Eat Healthier

Some parents think that buying high-sugar cereals is the only way to get their kids to eat breakfast, but a new study from Yale reveals that kids are willing to eat low-sugar cereal too.

Kids who were given the high-sugar cereals ate more than the low-sugar group, but at least it shows that kids are willing to eat relatively nutritious cereals like Cheerios, Rice Krispies, and Corn Flakes. Also, the low-sugar kids ate the right amount of food, leaving more room in their stomachs for healthy compliments like juice and fresh fruit. It also encourages them to eat naturally sweet things.

“Fruit is obviously not as sweet as Froot Loops,” said Marlene Schwartz, lead researcher. “The low-sugar cereal gives kids an opportunity to appreciate the natural sweetness of juice and fresh fruit.”

So not only are low-sugar cereals healthier than high-sugar ones — they even encourage better eating habits.

Do you give your kids sugary cereal?

From LA Times

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