Waiting for Baseball

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I think maybe it was because my son went to his first Major League Baseball game this summer. And the team he went to go see went onto win the play-offs. Oh yeah, and then they went on to win the World Series. You may have heard something about it… Unless you live here in… Read more »

Should You Let Your Child Play Football?

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After the recent news of two college football players suffering terrible injuries — one Rutgers player being paralyzed from the waist down and a Penn football player who killed himself, even though there were no obvious signs of traumatic brain injury — Robin at Strollerderby asking whether or not she should let her son play… Read more »

For Young Athletes, Concussion Rates Are Way Up

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Back to school means back to sports for a lot of young athletes. But what’s the one sports-related injury parents should be concerned about? Concussions. New research, appearing in Pediatrics, says that in the five years leading up to 2005, the number of concussions incurred from playing sports has more than doubled to a total… Read more »

Is Cheerleading Dangerous? Yes, Extremely Dangerous

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According to a report by North Carolina University’s National Center for Catastrophic Sport Injury Research, cheerleading ranks number one for number of “serious injuries” in sports for girls. 65% of all catastrophic injuries in girls’ high-school athletics occur on cheerleading teams. SIXTY FIVE PERCENT! INSANITY! The worst injuries include back and neck fractures. Spinal-cord injures… Read more »

Isn't This Supposed to be Fun?

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Well, it looks like we’ve made it through another winter. Daylight savings is now in place, and the official start of spring is right around the corner. Spring marks the beginning of so many things, but one thing in particular is the start of the Little League baseball season. Oh yeah, Tanner is on a… Read more »

Pushing Kids Too Hard to Succeed?

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When parents push their kids to succeed — whether it’s academically or athletically — there’s a careful balance of nurturing a will to do his/her best and not forcing your kids to do something just because the parent is living vicariously through them. It’s tricky. In her column for the Los Angeles Times, Sandy Banks… Read more »