Video: Fall Safety Tips

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Momversation’s Heather Spohr tells parents why they should be concerned about natural disasters and how they can be prepared. She did forget to mention that you can get your family prepared for disasters by signing up for Life360’s Emergency Messenger service 😉

Earthquake Shakes San Diego — A Good Reminder to be Prepared!

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Last night, a 5.7-magnitude earthquake shook the area from San Diego to Los Angeles. The quake was likely an aftershock of Easter Sunday’s 7.2, according to seismologists at the California Institute of Technology. Aftershocks can, apparently, be felt months and even years after the original quake. While there were luckily no reports of significant damage,… Read more »

Haiti Disaster Relief: A Global Effort

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To embed this infographic on your site copy and paste the code below:<a href=”” mce_href=””><img src=”/wp-content/uploads/2010/02/haiti_infographic_full.jpg” mce_src=”/wp-content/uploads/2010/02/haiti_infographic_full.jpg” alt=”Haiti Disaster Relief infographic” title=”Haiti Disaster Relief infographic” width=”1815″ height=”2628″ class=”center” /></a><br />from <a href=”” mce_href=””>Life360 Now!</a> Disaster Relief by the Numbers The earthquake in Haiti may be one of the world’s most tragic disasters, but the rapid… Read more »

For Haiti, 7-Year-Old Boy Raises $200K

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The donation stories for Haiti earthquake victims have been remarkable, this has to be the most remarkable. Seven-year-old Charlie Simpson raised over 100,000£, which is over $200,000. This is probably the most successful five-mile bike ride of all time.