6 Halloween Safety Tips

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It’s here! Its here! One of my favorite holidays is FINALLY here, Halloween! Halloween is one of the few holidays where the main agenda is to simply have fun. What other holiday do we get to scare people, eat candy, and run around pretending to be someone else? That’s pretty much as fun as a… Read more »

Treats Can Be Tricky

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Halloween and the load of sugar that comes with it may scare parents more than the monsters knocking on their doors. Here is the basic scenario: The kids come home from a night of ghoulish fun with a supersize container or sweet treats, namely candy. In their minds, they worked for it; they earned it;… Read more »

The 20 Best Cities for Trick or Treating

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Closing out the week before Halloween comes The Daily Beast’s roundup of the best cities for trick-or-treating. The Trick-or-Treater Index is based on five criteria: number of kids in the area ages 5 to 14, median household income, walkability, population density, and how artistic the neighborhood is. Did your home city make the cut? Bridgeport-Stamford-Norwalk,… Read more »

5 Health Benefits of Candy (For Real)

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Continuing our conflicted relationship with Halloween candy, here are five health benefits of eating candy. 1. People who eat candy live longer A comprehensive study from the Harvard School of Public Health revealed that people who eat candy outlive those who don’t. Modest candy consumption — one to three times a month — is associated… Read more »

8 Great Halloween Party Ideas

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Aside from trick or treating, how do you celebrate Halloween? Are you the raging party type or the hang-out-at-home type? Either way you can have a spooky good time with a little imagination. Here are eight great ideas: 1. Bob for Apples This is a Halloween classic. All you need is a clean bucket and… Read more »

5 Great Last-Minute Halloween Costumes

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Halloween is right around the corner. As in this weekend! You didn’t realize it was so soon? Fear not, here are a few last-minute Halloween costume ideas that will also be kind to your wallet. Gardener: Take some old overalls and a wide-brimmed hat and you’re good to go. As an accessory, take an empty… Read more »

Halloween Candy Doesn't Cause Hyperactivity

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So we have love/hate relationship with candy here. But here’s another reason that you can sleep easy: candy, and sweets in general, aren’t causing your kids to be “hyper.” Turns out it’s just a health myth. A double-blind study tested the effects of sweets on behavior and hyperactivity in kids. It turns out it has… Read more »