The 15 Best Life360 Circle Names

Woman holding phone with Life360 app open with notifications from Circle members

Life360 is more than just a family safety app – it’s also a social app to connect with family, friends, couples, and everyone else you care about. Within the app, you create a group of people called a ‘Circle’ and this allows everyone in this group enjoy all the benefits of whatever membership plan you are on. 

The fun part about ‘Circles’? You can name them anything you want to.

Funny Life360 Circle Names

Here, we’ve compiled a list of funny Life360 Circle names with inspiration from our Life360 TikTok account for every friend group. See our TikTok below for more.

Best Life360 Circle Names for Families

  1. Only Fams
  2. Bless This Mess
  3. We Are The [Insert Last Name]
  4. Big Brother[s]
  5. Hey Mom, Watch This!

Best Life360 Circle Names for Friends

  1. Brake Checkers
  2. The Walking Friends
  3. All Gas, No Brakes
  4. GOATs Only
  5. Mystery Inc

Best Life360 Circle Names for Couples

  1. Where’s Waldo?
  2. The Ride or Die Duo
  3. Live, Laugh, Love on the Road
  4. Every Step You Take, Every Move You Make
  5. Bonnie & Clyde

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