The Home Front: Homeschooling 101.

Our HR Coordinator, Victoria, gives us all an inside look about juggling work responsibilities with continuing to homeschool her kids — all while many of her go-to “classrooms” remain closed.

“As the mom of a homeschooling family, I have heard many people say they are getting a taste of our life. In some ways this is true, and in other ways this is not at all how our family is used to homeschooling. The beauty of homeschooling is being able to take our learning anywhere; the park, museum, on vacation, and of course our living room, are our classrooms. Right now we are unable to do most of these things. Our children have had to stop karate lessons, going to the library, or to the museums they enjoy. We have also had to distance ourselves from the homeschool play groups. My three boys (9, 7, and 3 years old) miss their friends terribly. We have Facetime calls or Zoom chats, but it isn’t the same. The older two understand what is going on (for the most part) but they don’t see anyone sick. They feel like they have lost a lot and don’t see why.

We are trying to enjoy the slower pace of life and hang out together as a family. We have done movie nights. We turn off the lights and pop some popcorn and watch Onward or Frozen 2. One night we watched Back to the Future. We pulled out the tent and spent a day “camping” with the kids. We have gone for family walks along the trails near our home.

We continue to enjoy at home science experiments. During the quarantine, we made our own lava lamps with oil, colored water, and Alka-Seltzer. We also pretended to be forensic scientists and analyzed our fingerprints, trying to keep the fun and some normalcy — for us — in our lives.  

As a mom, it has been a challenge to find the balance between mom and full-time employee. I don’t want either role to suffer. I have struggled to find time for self care in an environment with little to no opportunities to get away and have some down time. I try to get a walk in around lunch time for fresh air and quiet time.

The kids have enjoyed spending time with me, but with that comes children hopping into my lap for Zoom meetings and wanting to say hello to anyone on the other end. I am working with a local teacher to plan company-sponsored virtual events for children — so far we have done yoga and a puppet show, and have more in store. This has been a nice way for our children to meet one another and do something fun.

There are some positives that we have noticed during this time: the slower pace, more family time, time to get those back burner projects done, and getting input from the kids on things they would like to do or try. I am also able to cook for my children regularly, which was not always possible with a packed schedule. 

Even with the many positives we’ve found in this quarantine, we are looking forward to getting back to life as usual.”

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