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The Mommy War: Don’t Buy the Hype

Moms, women and those of you with a vested interest in women, I have something to tell you that may shock you.

You may have heard the recent hubbub about Hilary Rosen and Ann Romney. You can read all the sorted details here. The interchange between the two women has dredged the age-old “mommy wars” again. If you’re not familiar with the debate, I’ve written about it before here and here. As you can see form these posts, I’m not a fan.

So I couldn’t help but write this post as a way to hopefully open the eyes of all the woman and moms out there. I will not play the political card here, I will simply say, don’t buy the hype.

For decades now politicians and the media and society for that matter have attempted to tell women what to do in regards to motherhood. Whether we should breastfeed, co-sleep, wait, start early, and most importantly work or not work.

The truth is the only time this debate comes up is during a slow news cycle or during an election. The “Mommy Wars” is a great way to use smoke and mirrors to distract female voters from the issues that really matter. Education, the economy, women’s rights, equal pay, war, foreign affairs, agriculture, jobs, etc.

The politicians running for office don’t want us, the women, to call them on their crap. So when a small exchange occurs between women from two different camps they try and twist into something more. Imagine the powerless Wizard in the Wizard of Oz saying, “Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain!”

I say, screw that.

We are moms. We are smart, we are tough, and we are diligent and loyal and capable of anything. We work our butts off every single day more than any non-parent or man (with the exception of Stay at home dads or single dads, who are welcome to join us) would understand. I’m not referring to just moms who work outside the home, or stay at home moms, or even work at home moms like me who get left in the dust during these ridiculous debates.

We ALL work out tails off, and guess what? We are the voting majority. There are more of us in the workplace, and more of us at home. There are more of owning homes and more of raising children.

Ladies, we are in control. I say call your senator, call your congressman call Mitt Romney and every other politician who thinks they get a say in what we do.

Tell them, to leave out the mommy war crap and start talking about the issues that matter. Leave the smoke and mirrors to David Copperfield. Because we’re not falling for it. There are no mommy wars. And to the next politician who tries to make us think there is one he better know this, we’re moms, we’re pissed, we’re in this together, and we’re registered to vote.

13 Responses to “The Mommy War: Don’t Buy the Hype”

  1. berry

    I think this is another example of the media blowing things out of proportion. It's obvious what she meant. And I'd have to add that I don't think being a stay-at-home mom married to a multi-millionaire is exactly a tough life. All moms work. Parenthood is work. Any mom would understand that. Any parent would understand that. I think the media and political advocates on both sides tend to twist people's words to drum up controversy and ratings.

  2. Peter Schott

    Not sure why you're suggesting that we call Mitt Romney. Call Hilary Rosen – that's what started the mess this time around and just about _everyone_ is distancing themselves from those remarks. The politicians are actually being somewhat smart this time around and realizing that anyone saying stay at home moms don't work is foolish and doesn't want to associate their name with that sort of talk.

    Most stay at home moms are hard workers and the ones that aren't are definitely the exception, not the rule. Sad that some people have to open their mouths and say something to incite this sort of thing, though.

  3. Daku Mansingh

    I completely support the article and the writer. In this era, we shouldn't care about what the media/politicians are saying. They would fall to the lowest possible level to gain TRPs. There was a time when media use to cover important and relevant news but now its all crap.

  4. dpapsis2

    That's what I want to hear- Talk about the REAL issues! I was actually disappointed in some of the stuff we learned about in my American Government class. Taking a blurb from the candidates and twisting it to say whatever gets ratings disgusts me.

  5. Dawn

    Helen Reddy "I Am Woman" released in August of 1971 was written to express the power of women. It is disheartening to see that more than 40 years later women are still struggling with the same issues that inspired this song.

  6. Melanie

    I remember in high school history classes studying political cartoons and other media messages to learn about a period of history. Now I wonder what was really going on. If their media represented the actual beliefs of a majority of Americans as poorly as our media represents our views, then I want to know how to get the real story. I do think women judge each other too harshly, but I don't think it's as blown out of proportion as the media would lead us to believe.

  7. Sarah VM

    I detest the term "Mommy Wars". I think the media starts all this crap. It's true the politicians should be discussing the REAL issues.

  8. Jennifer

    I will second several other people who've said the media is a culprit. It's very negative 🙁

  9. mechele johnson

    I also blame the media! It is rediculous! Let us just be mom's please!

  10. Angie

    We have seen this same argument brought up year after year. It is an emotional topic that gets people fired up. Thankfully, it also gets people talking though, too. I chalk it up to the politicians being desperate for anything to keep them in the news. Sad!


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