The Most Significant Recalls in April, Not Children’s Products

The CPSC announced 23 recalls in April, including one expansion of a previously recalled Lenovo computer. This is comparable to the number of recalls at this time last year (24) but lower than the historical average for April (31).

Of the 23 recalls issued in April 2012, only six, or 24%, were children’s products. By contrast, on average, 43% of CPSC recalls are for children’s products.   This time, recalls were spread much more evenly across all categories, but Home & Garden items as well as Sporting Goods stood out with five recalls each.

From the Home & Garden category, Viking dishwashers caused the most damage, with five reports of fires received by the time the recall was announced. No injuries were reported. This is also the most expensive product recalled from the category, ranging from $1,425 to $2,000.

In the Sporting Goods category, three of the five recalls were for adult bicycles or bicycle components ranging in price from $80 to $6,100.  Bicycles are one of the most commonly recalled non-children’s products.  It is a good idea to check this list of recalled adult bicycles frequently.

Two of the April recalls topped 100,000 units, leather desk chairs from Office Depot (307,00 units) and bunny motif sippy cups  from Target (264,000 units).

The desk chairs were recalled because the chair can separate from the base, posing a fall hazard.  At the time of recall, there had been eleven reports of the chairs breaking and consumers falling, resulting in at least two injuries.  The company has not sold this item new since December 2008, so be diligent in checking your desk chairs if you have owned them for a while or purchased them secondhand.

The sippy cups were recalled because the ear on the cup can poke a child in the eye while he/she is drinking from the cup, posing a laceration hazard.  There were six reports of incidents at the time of this recall, three of them resulting in cuts and bruises.  This was the highest number of injuries of all April recalls.

Two recalls in April had a significantly high number of incidents on record by the time the recall was issued.  STOK Gas Grills had 569 reports of regulators leaking propane gas and Miflex High Pressure Scuba Diving Hoses, had 189 reports of hoses rupturing.  No injuries had beenreported in either case, but consumers are urged to discontinue use and contact the respective companies for a free replacement.

Additionally, one recall was issued for drop-side cribs sold at JCPenny from 2005 through 2008.  Although drop-side cribs can no longer be sold in the United States as of June 28, 2011, we may continue to see recalls on older models.  Find out more about drop-side cribs.

Other children’s recalls in April included jackets, rattles and bike carrier seats.  Non-children’s recalls included power tools, rifles, pocket knives, golf carts and utility vehicles.

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