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The Rise of the Smartphone Mom [Infographic]

Note: contest Rules below the infographic…

Just 15 years ago cell phones were rare, 3x as big and didn’t do nearly as many cool things. We used our phones just to talk. These days though, more and more people are getting better and faster technology to help them keep up with their busy lives and families.

We use them in nearly every aspect of our lives whether its for home, work, or school. The Modern Mother certainly has taken advantage of this great technology and there are plenty of smartphone apps to help her along the way. Life360 helps keep families stay connected and safe while apps like Cozi assist Mom with organizing and Instant Playdates make scheduling playdates simple, all right from your smartphone!

With great tools like these, it is easy to see why the Modern Mom is depending more and more on her smartphone. We surveyed some Life360 members to ask how they use their smartphones and found some interesting results! The majority (52%) use their smartphone within 5 minutes of waking up in the morning. Even more (78%) say they use it right before bed! We thought it was interesting that 28.7% said they would not give up their smartphone even if they were paid.

The smartphone has become an invaluable tool. Most of us have become attached to our phone all day long. We use it for email, staying connected with family and friends, keeping our lives organized, finding our way around the city–nearly every part of our lives are touched by our smartphones. Does this sound like you too?

We’ve created an infographic illustrating all of our findings and the rise of the smartphone mom. Check it out, after the jump!

Modern Mom (or Dad) Contest

If you think you’re a Modern Mom (or Dad), leave your most modern moment stories or an example showing how your smartphone has become integrated into your life below in the comments for a chance to win a $100 gift card from Amazon, iTunes, or Target!

The fine print: Each time you leave a comment on this post (starting today until 9 pm pst next Sun, Nov 13th), you’re automatically entered in our drawing — up to 3 comments per person. We will announce the winner on Monday afternoon (the 14th).

Comments must come from individuals 18 or older, U.S. residents, and obviously, spam comments don’t count. We’re looking for real comments, from real people having real conversations about how you use technology. The winners will be announced sometime on Monday, so check back then!

Please feel free to share the infographic however you like!

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93 Responses to “The Rise of the Smartphone Mom [Infographic]”

  1. Donna F.

    It's truly amazing to see how technology changes throughout the years. It makes you wonder how we managed 10 years ago!

  2. Adele

    My phone is so important to keep in touch with others, particularly for doctors and other appointments. It's great if I'm running late or need to schedule a last-minute emergency appointment

  3. Donna F.

    Okay, maybe the world wouldn't end without a smartphone. And Facebook is not an essential to a happy and healthy life, but I really do like the convenience of being able to access its mobile program.

  4. Donna F.

    My ultimate favorite use for a smartphone is online shopping. As long as I keep track of what I am spending, it makes my life much simpler. I can browse items on a smartphone, read reviews and then click to purchase, all when I'm on the go. What's easier than that?!

  5. Adele

    I like to use the GPS function of a smartphone while driving. It is a way to stay safe, especially at night or when driving around in unfamiliar territory. Furthermore, I don't need to bother looking at traditional paper maps.

  6. Adele

    Smartphones are great for exercising! Every type of fitness magazine has an app and there are even more apps for yoga, weight training , cardio and more. It's like having a gym in the palm of your hand — no more excuses!

  7. Dakotapam

    I don't have a smart phone, just a flip cell phone (I call it a dumb phone), but I am surgically attached to my iPad. I recently bought a larger purse so I could carry it with me on trips to the park, etc. I almost never read paper books anymore, mostly just electronic versions. i love ease of use and the ability to read easily in bed!

  8. Hannah H

    My smartphone is important because I live in the country and they don't have broadband out here ( shock! ).
    I also have a weight tracker app that helped me to lose a few pounds so far.
    I LOVE being able to keep in touch with family and friends via FB throughout the day, helps fight stay at home mom loneliness 🙂

  9. HalfEmptywallet

    Once you're on it, you seem to can't live without it. Biggest impact is the flexibility and confidence its added to my life. Distance, unfamiliar places and day of time does not affect my driving out for grocereys or random lost scenic drives. Its my gps, its my phone book, its my social life, my money deal saver and my emergency!

    I even have my money on my phone. No more starbucks card, all I have to do is find the app and swipe my barcode!
    Its like a 247husband by myside!

  10. Elle

    I would love to embed this on my blog. Great graphic. Actually no, its a fantastic graphic. However the dreaded 404 error appears when trying to embed!

  11. Megan McGowan Parsons

    No smartphone here either, but I have played around on a few and they are truely amazing. The technology on them are amazing! My mother in law has an app we were playing with and say your driving on the road and listening to the radio and can’t remember the name of the song, who sings it or simply want the lyrics you just put your phone up to it and it tells you all of that. I was amazed when she showed me. I can’t imagine the technology getting any better but it will.

  12. erica

    I use my smartphone all the time and I don't think I could ever go back. I have children who are deaf so many of the people I communicate with regularly, for the kids school, church, etc., are also deaf, being able to receive not only texts but all of my email on my phone is huge since that is how we communicate with so many people. It is also great to have appointments scheduled in my phone, gps on my phone, and lets face it the games are nice too, maybe not as important but nice to pass the time.

  13. Betsy Hoff

    I don't have a smart phone, but if I win this I will use it to get one! Pick Me 🙂

  14. Dana

    I now don’t leave the house without it-I feel naked. If it weren’t for my phone I have no idea what i would do in line at the DMV.

  15. Sheila

    The smartphone plays a role in my life through my children. Well, two of three of them. THEY are the ones with the Smartphones, lol. I can't afford my own but one day I shall finally have children old enough to take off my cell plan and do the smart phone thing for ME! A couple more years and I'm there baby! For God's sake even my MOTHER has a smartphone, lol.

  16. Sue King

    My children call me on my cell phone, leave a message on my voice mail, or text so we connect when it is important.

  17. Kandy

    I love smart phones. I now have one central location to put all of my information and number instead of having them everywhere. It's small, efficient, and useful.

  18. Aura

    we use it as a gps and most recently i was able to take a picture of a my sons rash and email it to my doctor so he can make a diagnosis without me having to come in

  19. Lily

    I use my droid for everything from managing my store rewards cards to uploading pictures of my 16 month old daughter to her twitter feed. I find the sex offender map invaluable and don’t know what I would do without gps navigation. No longer having to watch the weather channel is a plus and now that I am reaching the end of my second pregnancy, I am constantly checking my mom apps to see what is going on in my uterus as well as using a kick counter and contraction counter. I would be (and have been when I have lost it) SOL without my smartphone.

  20. april yedinak

    I love music and my favorite thing about my phone is that I can download a song and then hook my phone right into my car stereo to play it for everyone to hear.

  21. april yedinak

    I have a feeling that I will end up even more addicted to my smartphone in the future, because it already has replaced so many things in my life- camera, calculator, watch, notepad and mp3 player. I am curious to see what more they can get such a small device to do.

  22. april yedinak

    I think I realized I had crossed over to being a 'modern' mom when I finally gave in and allowed my 13 year old to get a smartphone for her birthday. I had thought she was too young and didn't need one, but I am so glad now that I gave in. Not only can I contact her whenever she isn't home (which really helps my peace of mind), but when we are stuck waiting in line, on long trips or just plain bored she uses her phone to entertain herself and her siblings with games, music, Facebook and youtube. It is such a part of life now.

  23. Tamra

    Smartphones are great for keeping up with my "to-do's" while on the go. Paying bills on my phone is my newest favorite! Oh, and not printing out directions before you hit the road, and using the GPS instead. Such time savers!

  24. @rhidajat

    Great stats, beautiful Infographics!
    But, how come you guys only asked ~500 out of 5 Million members?
    Why not ask all 5 million members?
    It would certainly put more meat behind these stats.

  25. Samiro

    Smartphones are also amazing if you ever get lost. Well, if you have a smartphone, you shouldn't be getting lost….. with all the amazing navigation (??) apps and stuff, it's near impossible lol

  26. April

    I don't have a smartphone, although I wish I did! With three little ones and my own business, it would certainly come in handy.

  27. April

    Wow at Android being 3x more popular than the Iphone. I haven't really played around with one, but it must be pretty cool!

  28. Lantana

    I don't have a smart phone but I consider myself a modern mom. I got a new computer when my son was 2 years old and I gave him my old one. Now he is 5 and a computer whiz.

  29. Jodi Wresh

    Not a smartphone mom either. wish i had one, though. whenever i hang out with my sister, i always ask if i can use hers!!

  30. Abi

    I use my smartphone way more than I ever thought I would. I would like to think I could give it up, but I really don't want to.

  31. Abi

    I was surprised to see that there are more android users than iphone users… I guess I'm just bias to my iphone. 🙂

  32. New To Mom

    checking my smart phone is the second thing I do in morning. Showering being first. 🙂

  33. Wendy Pesce

    I like that I can get texts from the school if they are closing early for weather! It is amazing- I can't go anywhere w/o my phone anymore

  34. Anne

    We had a huge storm last week that knocked out our power. We wouldn’t have known what was going on ANYWHERE without our iphone.

  35. Sarah L

    I'm addicted to using my smartphone! I use it for everything and I'm truly lost without it!

  36. Amber Johnson

    I use it for everything! Finding phone numbers, addresses, helping the kids with homework, keeping them entertained while in the ER. Seriously could not go without it!

  37. LisaLisa

    In a world where technology dominates every area of our lives, I don't feel i could live without my phone then again if I could step away for a day and have a chance to relax at a spa…yes, i'll give up my phone! LOL

  38. Anna

    I love my smart phone + I am in the grocery store and forgot what I needed to buy for the cupcakes that I needed to bake….and out with the phone and look up the recipe…. wonderful! I do it all the time

    • Kim Sinclair

      I used to have a smartphone and used the compass app when showing homes to clients who were into fung shui. I don't have one anymore, but I need one for my business and personal life!

  39. Natalie

    most modern moment story for me: Everyone in the house woke up around the same time on Thanksgiving Day last year, and within 10 minutes, everyone had their laptops at the table or in the living room and was checking their e-mail…

  40. Deej

    We have four smartphones and use them to keep our schedules on Google Calendar. This way everyone knows what everyone else is doing and where we need to be. It has truly helped us stay connected and where we need to be.

    • BrandonG

      Same here with Google Calendar: Each member in my family uses Google Calendar and we can each edit one another’s calendar from our respective phones (or a web browser). Finally getting this one the phone has once and for all enabled us to ditch our respective paper calendars. Excellent productivity!

  41. Shannon Schulte

    I use my iPhone for everything from accessing the internet to a gps. I use it to check email,access social media and find recipes or fun things for our family to do. It's a part of my daily life

  42. Beau

    We've got 3 kids, all involved in activities and having a shared calendar is vital. I can't remember that much stuff and this way its always at my fingertips..

  43. Jesllee

    I'm pretty lame I guess because all I have is a laptop. We don't even have cable, haha! I'd really like to get a tablet though!

  44. Ashley H

    I love to use my smart phone for comparison shopping so I know I'm getting the best deal at the stores.

  45. Nicole

    My current favorite thing to do with my smartphone is downloading and listening to audio books! I have been getting caught up on my “reading” thanks to my smartphone!

  46. Roxanne

    I love being able to reach out and touch my boys whenever I need to and have instant access to them wherever they are or whatever they are doing.

  47. darcyo

    I don't have a smartphone, but would love to use one particularly for shopping with Q codes, so much easier than printing coupons and bringing them to the stores.

  48. wendy wallach

    i just got the iphone 4 and already I cant live without it! I can now email pictures to my friends as well as keep track of appointments and other things without a million little sticky notes!

  49. Christina

    I remember being in 9th grade and I got to borrow my dad's huge chunky bright yellow cell phone. I was so proud that day at school 🙂 Now, I go without as much as possible. It's quite distracting to be in the middle of a real conversation and then buzzzz or text-click, click. I really prefer vis-a-vis. Sorry technology.

  50. Suzanne

    my 2 year old goes up to an iphone ad and starts trying to use it to play his favorite game

  51. Jo

    Although I don’t own a smart phone (just a qwerty keyboard cell) and am still stuck on dial up, I would be lost without my technology. I was behind most getting a computer and really didn’t get into technology until about 11 years ago and now I don’t know what I’d do without it. My kids are following in my footsteps as well..they love the computer and Ipod touch and they are very into technology as well.

  52. Wendy T

    Wanna go to the movies on the spur of the moment, son?

    No problem. I just check my phone and make a plan 🙂

  53. Wendy T

    Pouty teenager because he has to be dragged around town with his mom?

    Play a game on the phone and all is well again.

  54. Wendy T

    I was at the thrift store yesterday, and thought I found a treasure. I was able to whip out the phone and check it out.

    Sadly though, it was not a treasure. It was worth next to nothing.

  55. Jessa

    My smartphone is integrated into my life in so many ways… I use it for simple things such as alarms, reminders, uploading images/status updates to twitter, facebook, google +, etc. I also used shared apps with my husband so that we can edit lists (like our grocery list) on our phones and share documents & pictures through dropbox. I also use the gps navigation and love having quick, convenient internet access with me at all times.

  56. emily

    when i handed my iphone over to the kiddos to play games to keep them quiet …. and they knew exactly how/what games they wanted to play…it has become a way of life for all of us!!

  57. Colleen Busch

    I can’t imagine life with out technology and always being plugged in. Anytime I have a question or my children..I plue it into my smart phone to get the answer. Thanks for this amazing giveaway. If I won I could get more technology.

  58. Megan H

    I love having a smartphone because I have children! It has taught them their alphabet, how to spell, helped with reading and for the older one, it lets me know exactly where her and her phone are located. That helped when her phone was stolen! We were able to locate it with my smart phone!!

  59. Jennifer Haile

    It's my computer away from home. The GPS is probably my favorite because I often get lost driving around new places.

  60. Carolyn

    I use my phone to track my family (gps), shared family calendar (through Google) for us to share our appointments, dinner menu, etc., coupon apps for great deals, kids games for long trips with a 4 year old, flashlight app when we lose power and to check kids for strep throat, exercise apps, research on the internet, taking pictures and videos, keeping track of work appointments, and of course Facebook, email, phone, and texting. It is not *technically* a necessity I guess, but boy does it make life so much more efficient!

  61. @Marcella

    I use an app that tracks my sleep patterns to wake me up at the best time. I guess that means I even use my iPhone while I sleep! :O

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  64. James MacArthur

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