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The Tooth Fairy Strikes

The last few months before Christmas my 6-year-old had been getting antsy. She was one of the last kids in her first grade class who had not yet lot her first tooth. She kept asking me when she would finally lose a tooth, and though I continued to assure her that eventually she would, I could tell that she was beginning to wonder if she’d ever receive a visit from the tooth fairy.

Then luckily, a few days before Christmas, she finally lost that first tooth. Of course my daughter had to write a long letter to the tooth fairy with very specific questions that had to be answered. So that night, half-asleep, I wrote a note back answering her questions. Questions like, “What do you do with all those teeth?” and “Do you know Tinkerbell?” I left a pinch of fairy dust under her pillow along with two gold coins and the note.

Mission Accomplished.

One week later and she had another loose tooth. But unlike her first one, which we discovered was loose and fell out on the same day, this second tooth would be a pain in her mouth for several weeks. But finally last night she lost the tooth (with a little help from some string). And of course, because I had set the bar high with the first tooth fairy visit, my daughter expected more fairy dust, more money and another letter. Which I did.

I tiptoed into her room with my tooth fairy goodies and saw that the tooth box we put teeth in under the pillow was no longer under her pillow where we had left it. It was now on the nightstand.

So I slipped the loot under the pillow and opened the box to retrieve the tiny tooth. With only the light from her night-light to guide me, I carefully swiped my finger in the box. Nothing. I carefully lifted her pillow, trying not to wake her and blow my cover, and slowly drew my hand across the sheet trying to find the tooth. But still, nothing.

I felt around both the floor and the nightstand and came up empty. No tooth.

Finally, knowing I was only moment’s away from waking up my toothless little girl, I gave up. There would be questions though if she found all the stuff the tooth fairy left her AND found tooth, still there.

The next morning, like clockwork, I heard my daughter squeal and come downstairs after finding the goodies left for her by the tooth fairy, but no mention of the tooth. I thought I was home free until later that morning she yelled for me. She had found the missing tooth in her room. “Mom! The tooth fairy forgot the tooth! What happened?”

Thinking fast I said, “Well she must’ve dropped it after she got it from under your pillow.” “I didn’t leave it under my pillow” she replied. “I took it out after you kissed me goodnight. I put the tooth box on the nightstand and put the tooth on top so it would be easier for her to find.”

In my mind I could picture in slow motion the tooth flying across the floor as I opened the box in the dark the night before. “Well, no big deal. You can leave it for her tonight.” I said.

The moral of the story? Well, there isn’t one. It’s just a reminder that the random silliness of it all is what makes parenting the funniest gig in the world.

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13 Responses to “The Tooth Fairy Strikes”

  1. Cindi

    What a great tooth fairy story…How wonderful that you answered her questions on a note ~
    along with the coins…You made me smile!
    Thanks, Cindi

  2. Ann

    My niece lost a tooth yesterday. They thought it was an permanent tooth and freaked out a little. Turns out it was a baby tooth. Phew!

  3. miriama

    Now that my kids are older this is one of the things I miss…the magical times with tooth fairies and Santa Claus. Thank goodness for grandchildren. It's not quite the same…I don't get to be there in the morning for the Tooth Fairy but my daughter calls me up so we can go over and watch our granddaughter open up her stocking. I love fantasy and fairy tales. Lovely story.

  4. M.Kosar

    Sweet story.
    Since my daughter was just a baby, her teeth have always been a topic of conversation. It was like: "she must be teething" or "why hasn't she gotten any teeth yet". My hope is that our responsible parenting gives our children the necessary skills. Here, with losing a tooth. We don't want child to think each time a tooth is loose with pain.
    The Tooth Fairy is right now a better idea then running after my daughter with some string :). Although, it keeps my weight down :)).
    Tooth Fairy Box will save her memories and a slice of childhood.

  5. @kymnasium

    cute story…we have been blessed to have 6 kids in intervals meaning we had 3 who are older now and 3 smaller ones now, so there was alot of tooth stories and alot of coins sometimes dollars, since one of them loves to save up lol. the best is when they help each other, I'm thinking back and smilng… seeing string, door, 2 boys looking at a tooth and one little girl crying because she was brave lol. cherish memories

  6. Suzanne W

    I love the story!!! I am dreading tiptoeing in the night.. My daughter is 4 and I am not the best at Santa Claus and the Easter Bunny let alone have to go under her pillow : *)


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