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Three Tools to Help You Prepare a Thanksgiving Dinner

Is it too early to think about Thanksgiving? If you’re preparing a turkey this November 25, you might want to check out these three turkey-cooking essentials, courtesy of Carolyn Malcoun at Yahoo! Shine:

1. Roasting Pan

Malcoun tested several different types of roasting pans, and her favorite was the Calphalon Unison Nonstick Roaster, which goes for about $150.

2. Remote Digital Thermometer

Want to avoid overcooking your turkey? Use a remote digital thermometer, which is more convenient and more precise than your standard thermometer. They go for about $25.

3. Fat Separator

Want the pan drippings from the bird without all of the fat? Get a fat separator (about $10) to drain out the fat from the juices. It’s a bit like a measuring cup with a strainer built in.

What Thanksgiving tools are indispensable for you?

From Shine.

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