Top 10 Choking Hazards

In our discussion of whether or not foods with choking hazards should bear warning labels, reader paschott asked, “Why do I get the feeling that the same parents who check for warning labels on choking are already watching out for kids choking in the first place?” A good point, but how obvious are the foods that are dangerous to young children? A 2008 study from the American Academy of Pediatrics lists the top 10 choking hazards:

  1. Hot dogs
  2. Peanuts
  3. Carrots
  4. Boned chicken
  5. Candy
  6. Meat
  7. Popcorn
  8. Fish with bones
  9. Sunflower seeds
  10. Apples

A lot of the list is common sense, some of it is vague (meat? candy?), but I probably wouldn’t have guessed “apples” or “carrots.” Could you guess them all?

From the New York Times. Photo by tstadler.

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