Turn phone photos into summer memories

photos into memoriesJudging by the aisles at Target, the back to school countdown is on and summer is winding down. Like most of you, my phone’s camera roll is full of summer memories. This year I have resolved to not let them linger there. Join me?

Here are five fun ways to use your phone photos!

1. Posters from Prinstagram: The gold standard of Instagram printing, Prinstagram turns your pics (you can use non-Instagram photos too) into a 200 image poster. What a fun way to not only remember your summer, but to decorate your walls (the prints fit into standard size frames.)

2. Magnets: Go on a virtual vacation anytime you grab something from the fridge with photo magnets. For $15 (including shipping,) Sticky9 turns nine of your favorite summer Instagram shots into magnets.

3. Postcards: If you kid is missing their camp friends, cheer him or her up by having phone pics turned into postcards. Postagram lets you take any phone photo, add a message, and turn it into a postcard for a $1. THe recipient is able to punch out the photo.

4. Projecto Instagram Projector: Slides are not a dead art form with this tiny INstagram photo projector. For only $35 (including shipping) you can pick nine photos and turn them into a tiny reel. The projector attached to a keychain you so can bore your friends with vacation photos at will.

5. Groovebook: Why stop at summer? Save your memories from every season with this clever subscription service. For $3 a month, you get a book of 100 of your phone books. You can keep them in the book or punch them out for framing.