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We stand for families. We stand against racism.

It’s challenging to find the right words in this moment, so we’ll start with the most important ones: We firmly stand against racism and discrimination. 

Our reason for being is to keep families safe. Which means we must acknowledge and address the unique set of fears that black families in America face every day. Fears that no parent, child, or family member should know. 

Like you, we’re having difficult but important conversations with our kids about what they’re seeing on the news. And we want to get this right. We need to get this right, because love and change begin at home. 

To help, here are some of the resources that our own Life360 families are using to guide discussions. From our dinner tables, to yours.

Age by Age Guide
“As a first-generation American with a multi-cultural family, I know race is a complex topic. As a father of two young daughters, I liked these suggestions as they gave great age-appropriate tips for this difficult issue.” – Chris H.

Community Building
“I liked this site from the National Museum of African American History and Culture. It provides content in various forms across a range of topics. It encourages us to consider different experiences and perspectives. In particular, I like the Stop and Think sections that provide a nice guide for discussion with your family.” – Ariana H.

31 Children’s Books
“As a parent and an immigrant, I strongly believe that having a healthy discussion and understanding about race, race identity and kindness are key in raising an empathetic daughter. Here are some books that help us talk about race in a constructive way with younger kids.” – Otty S.

How to Talk to Kids About Race
“My wife and I find that stories are a natural entry point into conversations with our kids about racism and inequality. This list offers helpful resources and excellent book recommendations that have been valuable for us.” – Jon T.

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