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We will select a comment at random and that person will win a $40 Amazon gift card! Please read this entire post to make sure you’re eligible. Each time you leave a comment this upcoming week (starting today until 5 pm pst next Sun, August 7th) on any post at Life360 Now!, you’re automatically entered in our drawing — up to 10 comments per person. We will announce the winner on Monday.

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-Heather’s post Difficult Decisions reflection on sending her daughter off to college. -Meghan H. leads the discussion on Late Talkers Are No Problem. -Megan B. shares her Framework for Thinking Green. -Cari sharesTaking Chances: Positive Risk Taking at Camp. -An inspiring article about a young girl that died tragically and in her memory $750,000 (and counting!) have been raised for charity:water – a non-profit that brings clean, safe, and sustainable drinking water to families in need.

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