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What Does Kid Cudi Have to Do With Parenting?

As a mom, I’ve spent a good portion of my life in my car driving with the radio on –  and I listen to everything. I have classical music days when I just want to zone out, but usually, I’m flipping among the offerings of hip-hop, pop, classic rock, and alternative music on my local radio stations.

I won’t divulge my age here, but I will share with you that warming up to hip-hop was a slow process for me. I like it now, but just like when my younger sister shaved part of her long blond hair off in college during a stint as a punk rock groupie, there was a while when I pretended to appreciate my car radio’s hip-hop station and let it play if that’s what my kids wanted.

Sometimes I expressed my disappointment in the lyrics (not really PG) but my middle son assured me that hip-hop was all about the rhythm and the inflections of the artists voice – not the lyrics per se.

Kid Cudi is Coming To Town!

And so it came to pass that for my daughter’s (our youngest) 15th birthday, I offered to take her and a few friends to a concert.

“Let me know if there is a group you would like to see and I’ll try to get tickets,” I said.

My thinking was that she was getting too old for the typical birthday in the backyard party – this would seem more grown up. I’ll admit that there were a few artists coming to town that I wanted to see and I thought she might choose one of them. But she surprised me by announcing that Kid Cudi was coming to a venue near us and that this was the artist she wanted to see.

I didn’t know she loved Kid Cudi so much! I contained my surprise and agreed that I would take her and several friends. When she was at school the next day, I went straight to the computer and familiarized myself with Kid Cudi via YouTube. I even recognized some of his songs – (although some of the lyrics were questionable, I remembered my son’s words of wisdom, “it’s not about the words – it’s the music we like.”)

When the night came, I felt prepared. We stopped for dinner on the drive out and found our seats before the show started. The warm-up act was awful, but I gritted my teeth and suggested we go buy t-shirts and other swag before Kid Cudi started. We took pictures and they included me in the fun, which was priceless.

Her Favorite Song!

Kid Cudi finally took the stage and my daughter started screaming at the top of her lungs: he was opening with her favorite song! We were on our feet from beginning to end and the girls’ excitement was palpable. I have to admit thatthe whole night was great – I enjoyed the concert and I loved bonding with my daughter’s friends this way.

Now, my headline is a little misleading, because Kid Cudi really doesn’t have anything to do with parenting, but… if Kid Cudi is the artist your teenager is crazy about – you might just learn a little more about him! Should you take her to a concert or listen to her favorite artist? That’s a choice only you can make. All I know is: I’m glad for the experience! (And we’ll always have this silly picture!)

12 Responses to “What Does Kid Cudi Have to Do With Parenting?”

  1. berry

    I've never heard of Kid Cudi, but it sounds like you had a lot of fun. Good idea for a teenager's birthday, too!

  2. Daku Mansingh

    Nice reading this article. It was an awesome idea to take your kid and her friends out to some concert. I would try it something later in my life 😀

  3. dpapsis2

    I've never hear of Kid Cudi either. It's a nice idea for tweens and teenagers and a good way to be open and bond with your kids and earn their trust too.

  4. Terri Evans Morgan

    i listen to the same music my kids want to hear. some of the lyrics i have heard are not appropriate because of sexual content, violence against woman, racism, bigotry, etc. i let them know by listening to that kind of music, they are supporting that way of thinking. even if they are liking the songs just because of the music, they are also hearing the words and i just don't want them to have a negative effect on my child's mind.

    • Laura Lamere

      I don't know how old your kids are – but I totally understand your viewpoint. I, too, talked about the lyrics and their implications. Now that my kids are almost 16, 18 and 20, I have to rely on them to make good judgements for themselves. (It helps me to remember the lyrics in the rock songs I liked as a teen – they were not totally appropriate either!)

  5. Jasmean

    I have heard of kid Cudi and I don't think my mom would ever take me to one of his concerts but it is nice that you are open minded and are evolved in your kids life's and likes.

    • Laura Lamere

      Your mom might take you to a concert if you find an artist that she likes too!

  6. anita anderson

    Wow, your a cool mom. Growing up in a spanish family was hard for me because the customs in USA are not the same in Cuba or Dominican Republic. You do not go to prom. I begged to go when I was 17 yrs old to my prom but was told no, even though I was working and had good grades. All I ever heard was in my day girls didn't do this or that and I would say yes in your day but this is my time now. Everything fell on deaths ears. I'm just happy that when my kids get to be that age I will be able to do exactly what you did. My hubby loves Hip Hop and I on the other hand have that Latin in me and would not hesitate to take my kids to a Marc Anthony or Shakira concert. Its an experience that you to have in person not via the television and its one that I will cherish with them.

    • Laura Lamere

      Thanks for commenting! I just want to know if you will take me with you when you go to Marc Anthony or Shakira?!

  7. ccboobooy

    My son doesn't listen to any type of rap music, but clean lyrics are always a plus to me. However, I couldn't see myself at any concerts in the near future.

  8. Angie

    I have to say, you used the word 'swag' and it cracked me up! I totally agree that we as parents need to find out what are kids are doing, who they are listening to, hanging out with, etc and try to be a part of it. Even if your kids act like they are embarrassed, I think it is truly comforting to know your parents cares enough about you to be there.


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