Wide Variety of Recalls in August

The CPSC announced 35 recalls in August, including 2 expanded recalls. This is almost double the number of recalls that were issued in August of last year (18). Of the 35 recalls issued this August, 10 (29%) were for products in the Home & Garden category while nine (26%) were for children’s products. The remaining recalls spanned all categories, including seven (20%) in Sports & Fitness.

There were three recalls that involved over one million units this month, the most significant being a recall to repair Bumbo baby seats. Four million Bumbo Seats were recalled because babies can maneuver out of or fall from the seat. Bumbo Seats were previously recalled in 2007 to include additional warnings about proper use. Specifically, warning labels were affixed to the chairs to remind parents that the seats should never be used on an elevated surface. That recall was reannounced in 2011. The most recent recall announcement indicates that injuries can occur even when the seats are properly used on the floor. The current repair calls for installation of a free restraint belt, which product owners can obtain by contacting Bumbo International. Since the original recall, an additional 84 incidents were reported, resulting in 53 injuries

, including 21 reports of skull fracture.

The second largest recall in terms of the number of units affected was for two million Mother’s Touch Baby Bathers. Hinges on the bathers can fail if lifted while a child is in the bathing seat. The recall calls for a repair to secure the hinges; however, even with the repair in place, parents are warned not to use the bather to lift or carry children. At the time of the recall, seven incidents were reported, five of which resulted in injuries, including four skull fractures.

The last recall to top a million units was for various models of GE Dishwashers. 1.3 million dishwashers were recalled because the heating element can fail, posing a fire hazard. 15 incidents were reported at the time of recall. Seven of those incidents led to a fire, including three instances of major property damage.

Four Home & Garden product recalls reported a high number of incidents at the time of recall. Shower light fixtures, with 407 incidents, is among the recalls with the highest number of incidents this year. 50,400 units of the shower lights were recalled because the light’s trim and glass lens can fall from the ceiling fixture. One injury was reported.

520,000 units of Mr. Coffee Brewing System were recalled because the brewing chamber can open and expel hot coffee grounds and water. 164 incidents were reported at the time of recall, resulting in 61 injuries. It stands as the recall resulting in the second highest number of injuries in 2012, surpassed only by another coffee maker (Black & Decker Spacemaker).

Next, with 21,000 units, LG and Kenmore dryers were recalled due to a burn, fire and smoke inhalation hazard. This recall reported 141 incidents and 3 injuries at the time of recall. 50 instances of property damage were also reported, which is the highest for this month and second highest for the year.

Finally, 795,000 Kenmore dehumidifiers were recalled due to risk of overheating. There were over 100 incident reports resulting in three injuries and one instance of major property damage.

Other recalls that deserve mention due to the high number of incidents include a bike recall and a bunk bed recall. 68,000 children’s and adult-sized bikes were recalled by Meijer stores because pedals can loosen and detach while in use. At the time of recall 29 incidents had been reported, resulting in 16 injuries. For the bunk beds, 390 units were recalled by PBteen following 13 reported incidents of the beadboard panels cracking.

In addition to newly recalled items, two past recalls were expanded. Recalls for Rayovac cordless tool battery packs and Tektro bicycle brake levers were both expanded to include additional model numbers. If you own either of these products, please recheck them.

The remaining recalls this month included furniture, fans, sporting equipment, spray paint and several more children’s items such as pacifiers, scooters, crib decorations, bracelets and pajamas. See the entire list of recently recalled products here, or browse recalls by product type here.