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Chris is the cofounder and CEO of Life360. Before doing the whole startup thing, he did a stint in banking at Goldman Sachs and spent a few years in the Air Force. He went to college at UC Berkeley, and was about to start class at Harvard Business School when he had a last minute change of heart and decided to pioneer the trend of being an ivy league pre-dropout. In his time off, Chris likes to do anything that involves machines that move--like building drones, driving cars, flying planes, and piloting hovercraft. He is also widely credited with coining the term App Store Optimization.

Winning the Android Developer Challenge and the 24 Hour Homepage Turnaround

Welcome to the first blog post from Life360; it was our intent to use this space to talk about the company, but instead let me tell you about our last 24 hours. We were a Top 50 winner in Google’s Android Developer Challenge, and were expecting the final round results sometime next week, when last night, we got a call giving us the excellent news that we were picked as one of the first place teams!

You can’t imagine how excited we were—but then the reality quickly turned to panic when we realized that meant we needed to build a homepage within 24 hours. After a quick celebratory drink at Bear’s Lair in Berkeley, we started bracing for a hectic day, and here is the result! If you look around you’ll see a few holes here and there (please excuse us), but to the dev and design team, thanks for coming through in a pinch, and for everyone else, please check back frequently over the next few days as we add content.

If you are reading this, you are probably interested in our Android application. We’ll try to post some more comprehensive screenshots later tonight or tomorrow and perhaps a video next week. I’m also very excited to do our “real” company introduction, because Android and mobile is only one piece of what we are about—so stay tuned!

We also are very curious to hear what you think. If you post a comment or shoot us an email I promise to get back to you.

16 Responses to “Winning the Android Developer Challenge and the 24 Hour Homepage Turnaround”

  1. Viet


    Although I am not working on the field of IT, Android expressed me since its first news. And now, I can see that life360 wins one of the first place in this competition.

    Having read some lines of introduction and I think that’s really good idea and more than that it is a good system (not just a software, right?).

    Stay connected anywhere and share your emotions, ideas, and …

    My idea is building a system where we can, from any smartphone (palm, android, bb, windows mobile, symbian,…):
    – Blogging and sharing our news, text, link, photo,…
    – Connecting with friends and our networks.
    – Reading updates from the community.
    – Using a software on our cell-phone, not browser to do so since the browser is so stuffy and hard to use on such a small screen. Of course, we can use this features on the PC, laptop (by using browser).

    That’s very nice if we can do so with life360.

    By the way, let me say “we are proud of you” to the Vietnamese (or has origin of vietnamese) in your team.


  2. Mark

    As a family man with four kids I try not to worry about my daughters, but let’s face it “today’s society is whacked” have you seen the pedophile online map of your neighborhood lately. Good god what has the world come to. Thanks to you and your team for a practical application that I can actually use. Can’t wait for the application to go public. A must need for every family!


  3. Noah

    Congratulations Life360 Team…this is a great accomplishment for your young company, as well as for the promise of creating safer communities through your products. Keep it up!

  4. ncsolution

    Hey Viet,
    thanks for the kudos. Yes, I’m a Vietnamese and proud to be one.
    I attribute our recent recognition to such a great team and great product/service. Nothing beats the safety of ourselves and our family.

  5. Lyrick

    This sounds fantastic. I look forward to learning more about you and your service in the near future.


  6. aremer

    ok my fren alll,,u all the best all,,i like u all bcos u undrstand english,but me???no undrstand all,,but i like cmpter,,so,,all my fren icant u help me 4ever,,ok,,select auto fill small matter,hehehe,,tanks u my fren all n google n yahoo n the all if help,,ten q,ten q,muah 4 evers,

  7. Tuan

    Congratulation Anh Phuong and your team for such accomplishment. You pull through with a great pride and I envy you. I am proud to be vietnamese.

    Tuan Nguyen

  8. craig

    Great idea!….Congratulations. Is this going to be worldwide? I am currently in the UK.

  9. Ravi

    Nice application and well designed! Using user-driven content for helping the community as a whole is a noble gesture. Now that your app is set to go to market, are there any particular steps towards addressing issues like preventing users from misusing the app? For example, posting false information or overwhelming with lots of data, etc.?

  10. Chris Hulls

    Hi Ravi,

    We will have a few different controls. First, the community can flag and moderate posts. Second, we will charge for posts after a certain number are made; this isn’t to make money for us, but to ruin any economic incentive someone has to spam the system. Third, users can filter posts by affiliation, so you can choose to only view events made by people somehow connected with you.

  11. BakanaJohnson


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