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Winning the Android Developer Challenge and the 24 Hour Homepage Turnaround

Welcome to the first blog post from Life360; it was our intent to use this space to talk about the company, but instead let me tell you about our last 24 hours. We were a Top 50 winner in Google’s Android Developer Challenge, and were expecting the final round results sometime next week, when last night, we got a call giving us the excellent news that we were picked as one of the first place teams!

You can’t imagine how excited we were—but then the reality quickly turned to panic when we realized that meant we needed to build a homepage within 24 hours. After a quick celebratory drink at Bear’s Lair in Berkeley, we started bracing for a hectic day, and here is the result! If you look around you’ll see a few holes here and there (please excuse us), but to the dev and design team, thanks for coming through in a pinch, and for everyone else, please check back frequently over the next few days as we add content.

If you are reading this, you are probably interested in our Android application. We’ll try to post some more comprehensive screenshots later tonight or tomorrow and perhaps a video next week. I’m also very excited to do our “real” company introduction, because Android and mobile is only one piece of what we are about—so stay tuned!

We also are very curious to hear what you think. If you post a comment or shoot us an email I promise to get back to you.

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