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Would You Ever Put Your Kids on Reality TV?

This could be you!

There is so much reality TV out there, at some point, there will be fewer people who haven’t been on a show than have. OK, maybe not, but it does raise an interesting question that you might have considered before: would you ever put your family on a reality TV show?

Let’s forget for a moment that they might be opposed to it and that you have full control. Would you consider it?

For frame of reference, KJ at Strollerderby talks about a new TLC program called The Bakery Bunch, about the Williams’s family bakery. So let’s also say that there’s a monetary gain, and the potential for the Williams’ family bakery to gain national recognition. “That kind of success could change their lives, and the lives of their 4-year-old triplets, and a hit TV show could get them there,” KJ writes.

Here’s how I break it down. Pros

  • “Fame”
  • Maybe some $$$


  • You’ll always be known as “that family from TV”
  • Shows are edited to be exciting (aka make you look crazy)
  • You have something in common with Jon Gosselin
  • “Fame”

Would you put your family on television? Why or why not?

From Strollerderby.

13 Responses to “Would You Ever Put Your Kids on Reality TV?”

  1. paschott

    Let's see – gotta think about that…. OK – No.

    Seriously – why do I want to put my family in the spotlight like that. Everything they do will be judged and commented about by people who don't know us. Even if it's all good shown, it's not a good thing for the family. I'm not concerned about drumming up publicity for a business or for something with which I associate. Fame and possible $$$ against a huge lack of privacy and getting people poking around in our lives – it's just not worth the tradeoff.

    I'm still trying to figure out the appeal of these shows in the first place (where family members or just general life is concerned). I never really liked SuperNanny or whatever that was called. Don't get Big Brother or similar shows (is that even still on?). I can kind of see some appeal in cooking shows or perhaps DIY shows, but even Home Makeover and The Apprentice have little appeal to me. Don't get me started on shows like Clean House. I guess I just don't fit the target audience for these types of shows. I like a plot with my entertainment and don't really like watching people doing "real" tasks in a reality-show format.

  2. Eric - BHF

    There is a fine line between providing for your family and protecting them. I probably wouldn't. But, for example, if I had just had 6 kids and worrying about how I could provide for them, I would consider.

  3. @asmithonline

    My one word answer would be NEVER! To explain it, I can't even think of 1 single reality show that has turned out positively for the children, parents or anybody involved. Even the money making shows have the participants ending up in jail, court, rehab, divorce court or in playboy. The money would be great but the fame part is a never ending brutal price to pay.

  4. Dress4Less

    Absolutely! Why not? If the kids weren't traumatized by it then I say go for it 🙂 I think people are totally overreacting to this type of stuff. Kids are more resilient than we give them credit for and if the worst thing they have to deal with is being on a reality show… then they didn't have it so bad. So lighten up America!
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  5. Fionen

    The only reason I would ever put my family on TV is if I was in a dire financial situation. It's better to expose your children to fame than live in extreme poverty.

    So many people pick on Jon and Kate for going on TV but what other options did they have? It's hard enough for people to afford six kids of different ages, let alone sextuplets.

    Pros: keeping your family together, owning a house, feeding and clothing your kids, a good education, stability

    Cons: fame

  6. mike

    "You'll always be 'that family from tv'" – maybe for a year or 2 (unless something truly outrageous happens). Who was 'that family from tv' in 2007? Nobody remembers crap like that unless you stay in the news. And 'Fame' is exactly what you make of it… it, by itself, is neither a + nor a –

    I would do it if the money was right, but it would depend on the type of show. We might consider something like wife swap, but never anything overly invasive like a 24/7 camera crew kind of thing that focused on us just living our lives… well, not unless 1 year of that would pay for the rest of my life doing nothing. My philosophy is that if you're afforded the opportunity to do something that makes the rest of your life easier, do it (as long as its legal, ethical, and moral). Or course that leaves alot of room for interpretation to others, but I know my rules and I stick to them.

  7. Nadine L

    Not in a million years. An adult can consent knowing exactly what they are getting into, a child cannot make an informed decision. I refuse to even watch any reality tv with kids in it.

  8. carmen

    I think it can be quite alluring and I can totally see how families do it, especially when it might offer significant financial gain (like for Gosselins). But I agree that, having seen the fallout that have affected most families, it does not often come with a happy ending. Sometimes it's better to be "normal."

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