Driving Safety

Enjoy the ride with Driving Safety features.

  • Illustration of car getting hit on the left sideCrash Detection
  • Illustration of ambulanceEmergency Services Dispatch
  • Tow truck illustration for roadside assistanceRoadside Assistance
  • Illustration of car from the frontFamily Driving Summary
  • Bar graph illustrationIndividual Driver Reports

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Life360 app showing Crash Detection feature

Crash Detection & Emergency Dispatch

The lifesaving feature for every driver and passenger.

Life360 Crash Detection can sense collisions over 25mph and immediately reaches out to the driver or passenger involved. If help is needed or we don’t get a response, we’ll alert the Circle and dispatch emergency services to the vehicles location. This feature is auto-enabled for new users.

*Conditions and limitation apply

Life360 app showing Crash Detection feature
Illustration of pile up car accident

1.9 million +

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration more than 1.9 million passengers are injured in car accidents in the U.S. each year

Illustration of ambulance with red siren on top

100 per day

On average, we detect 100 collisions each day. We’re always standing by with 24/7 emergency dispatch.

Roadside Assistance

When you’re stuck on the side of the road.

Car trouble happens even to the safest drivers. We’ll send a trained professional right to you — anytime, anywhere.

We’ll cover:


10 km free towing


80 km free towing

Illustrated people and car with donut tire

We keep you moving with:

Illustration of car with hood up from the side

Jumpstarts & refueling
Dead battery? No gas? We got the juice. We'll get you moving again in no time.

Illustration of tow truck

Towing & tire changes
We'll fix your flat or tow you where you need to go. Get up to 80 km of free towing on us.

Illustration of a key

We’ve all been there. But don’t break glass in case of emergency — we’ll get you back in the easy way.

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Celebrate good driving habits and set goals for… the other stuff.

Life360 family driving summary with 4 family members in circles, "Johnson Family Driving Summary"

Driving Summary

See how your family is doing behind the wheel.

Peace of mind when you’re not along for the ride. See how drivers in your Circle did on the road this week.

Life360 family driving summary with 4 family members in circles, "Johnson Family Driving Summary"
Two teenagers driving in a car Life360 app open to driving map

Individual Driver Reports

Safe habits start here.

Get a detailed view of each Circle member’s driving habits. See things like top speed, texting while driving, and more.

Life360 app open to driving map

Individual Driver Reports include:

Phone Usage

Texting and driving should never be mixed, we’ll help you stop.

High Speed

See whenever your family exceeds 128 km/h for at least 30 seconds.

Hard Braking

Hard braking can be a sign of distracted driving. Know when it happens.

Rapid Acceleration

See where and when your family members are hitting the gas too fast.

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