Family Safety

Life360 Family Safety

Life360’s Family Locator App is designed to help with the family. The App provides instant communication with family members along with their locations. There are even family safety alerts for emergencies.

Child Safety

Keep Your Kids Safe

Child safety is constantly on every parent’s mind. Knowing your child’s location is key to knowing that your kids are safe. Are they at school? On a fieldtrip? Did they make it to their friend’s house? Are they on their way home? Life360’s Family Locator App can answer these typical kid safety questions by telling you where your child is at all times. There is also a 24/7 Live Advisor available in the event that a parent or family member can’t be reached.

School Safety

School Safety

Parents can’t keep their kids in their sights all of the time, especially when they are at school. Life360’s Locator App enhances school safety by providing the location of your child at all times. Some schools don’t allow the use of cell phones on campus, but with our app, the child’s phone can stay in their backpack and still provide a location. In the event of a field trip, the child just brings their backpack with them and the parent can still see their location. If something should happen, the child can use the app to send an alert to the parent or the parent can quickly get directions to the child’s exact location.

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