Life360: The iconic family safety app.

Say goodbye to drama 👋 and hello to peace of mind 💆 with Life360’s advanced driving, location & digital safety features. You can protect and connect your people and pets, plus find things like keys and Birkins 👜 all in one fabulous spot.

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A collage of Heather Dubrow's family

“Life360 has allowed me to actually take a step back. They can go out in the world with a watchful mom in the background.”

Family connection and safety have never been so chic. 💅

Whether you choose Free, Gold, or Platinum, you’ll love having features that protect your family and help you find your things. You’ll be able to track your family as they go from grandma’s and school to Starbucks. You’re also able to link your Life360 and Tile accounts to see everyone and everything in your Life360 map.


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