How Life360 Can Help You Feel Safe in a Covid-19 World

How do we navigate this new normal? How do we keep our families safe? And what adjustments do we need to make to our ever day lives in response to this Covid-19 world?

As the world starts to open up again, you won’t always have your family under the same roof, you won’t have them in your house at every hour of the day, and you won’t be able to constantly keep and eye on them and be there in case something were to happen.

Even without Covid-19, today’s parenting challenges are more complex and different than any other time in history, and Covid-19 adds it’s own level of stress, fear, and safety concerns. With Life360, family safety is always top of mind, and helps families feel safer and closer together with the first ever family safety membership. This includes three new membership plans that are designed to protect and connect your loved ones at every life stage, on every platform, and in every corner of the world.