How Many People Can Be Added to a Life360 Circle

Woman holding phone with Life360 app open with notifications from Circle members

For many of us, staying connected with family and friends is more than just a convenience—it’s necessary.

With the rise of location-sharing apps, keeping tabs on loved ones has become more accessible and more interactive. One app that has gained popularity for its comprehensive features is Life360, which allows users to add loved ones to a Circle (a group that shares locations and stays connected and protected). Many users wonder – what is the limit of people that can be added to a Life360 Circle?

This blog breaks down the specifics of Life360 Circles, the process of adding new members, member limits, and some best practices for optimal app performance.

What Is a Life360 Circle?

A Circle is a private group within the Life360 app designed to facilitate easy sharing of locations among its members. Think of it as a closed loop of people you choose with whom you share your whereabouts and can communicate through the app, such as:

  • Family
  • Friends
  • Coworkers
  • And more…

Each Circle operates independently, meaning you can have different Circles for different groups of people in your life.

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How Many Circle Members Can Be Added to the App?

You can typically add up to 99 members in one Circle, but this is not a hard limit – some Circles have up to 200 members! However, limiting your Circle to 10 members or fewer is recommended for the app to function optimally. Life360 Circles are designed to be flexible and accommodate various user needs, from tight-knit families to larger groups. 

This recommendation ensures that an overload of real-time location updates, alerts, and communications won’t compromise the app’s performance. This becomes more frequent and potentially overwhelming as the number of Circle members increases.

How to Add People to a Life360 Circle

Adding new members to your Life360 Circle is a straightforward process. Here’s a step-by-step guide to make someone part of your Circle:

  1. Open the Life360 app and navigate to your Circle.
  2. Scroll to the bottom of your Circle member list.
  3. Tap on ‘Add a person’ to initiate the invitation process.
  4. Choose ‘Send Code’ to view a list of messaging apps available on your phone. It’s important to note that invite codes expire after 72 hours, so prompt action from the invitee is necessary.
  5. Select your preferred messaging app (text, email, WhatsApp, etc.) to send the invitation.
  6. Pick the contact(s) you wish to invite and send the pre-filled invite message. This message will include instructions for downloading the Life360 app and setting up their account.

Strengthening Bonds in a Digital World

In today’s busy world, staying in touch with important people is crucial. Life360 Circles makes connecting with family and friends easy, giving you peace of mind and bringing everyone closer together. You can watch over your family’s safety or keep up with friends, adapting to whatever you need.

Think about starting a Life360 Circle if you still need to. Invite the people you care about and enjoy the ease of staying in touch, no matter where you are. It’s more than just knowing where they are–it’s about keeping them safe and building stronger bonds in our digital world. Download the FREE app to get started.