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Life360 Free vs. Paid

The Life360 app allows friends and family members to track each other’s locations. Parents and children, spouses and partners, and even groups of friends use Life360 to stay in touch with loved ones. Various features have made this locator app a staple for people of all sorts.

Many new users have a question about whether to use the free app or opt for a paid membership. When choosing between Life360 membership plans, you should understand the features you get for each app tier. The free version might be enough for some people, while many others will benefit from paid features. 

For the purposes of this article, we will be comparing the free plan to the Gold and Platinum plans.

Life360: Free Plan vs. Paid Plans 

All versions of Life360 come with location safety features, driving safety options, and even digital protection elements. However, the paid Life360 plans offer additional features that may be useful when using the app. 

Location Safety 

Free             Gold                       Platinum 
Location history 2 days 30 days 30 days
Place alerts 2 places  Unlimited places Unlimited places
Crime reports No Yes Yes
SOS help alerts Yes Yes Yes

Driving Safety

Free              Gold                   Platinum           
Crash detection Yes Yes Yes
Family driving summary Yes Yes Yes
Individual driver reports No Yes Yes
Roadside assistance No Yes Yes
Free towing No Up to 5 mi Up to50 mi
Emergency dispatch No Yes Yes

Emergency Assistance

Free                Gold                    Platinum          
Stolen phone protection No Up to $250 Up to $500
Disaster response No No Yes
Medical assistance No No Yes
Travel support No No Yes

Digital Safety

Free                   Gold                 Platinum                
Data breach alerts Yes Yes Yes
ID theft protection No  Yes Yes
Stolen funds reimbursement No Up to $25K Up to $1M 
Credit monitoring No No Yes

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Life360 Free Plan

Whether you choose Life360 free or a paid version, many great features are available with any plan. You can be certain that the features will cover every member of your family.


The free membership offers two days of location history and two places with unlimited alerts. If you often check the app, this gives you enough information to work with in the short term. In addition, this version of Life360 provides crash detection, a family driving summary, and data breach alerts to keep you protected at all times.


Unlike the other Life360 plans, the free version doesn’t have functionality like crime reports, individual driver reports, and roadside assistance. You won’t have the option to use the app to call in emergency dispatch or access towing. Most of the digital safety features and all emergency assistance features are only available in the paid versions.

Who Is It For? 

Many people will benefit from the free version of this location-sharing app. It’s designed to work well for anyone who wants to keep up with the location of their loved ones regularly. Many parents choose this app to stay in the know about where teenage new drivers are throughout the day. 

Life360 Paid Plans

On the other hand, many families and groups of friends find that the Life360 paid plans offer extra features that are well worth having. The Gold and Platinum Plans let you stay connected with your loved ones through the phone. The plans are ideal for seniors, teenagers, and those who care about them. Below is information about each plan and what makes it unique.

Paid Life360 plans are currently at the Circle level (one Circle covered per plan), and cover the members within that paid Circle.

Gold Plan ($14.99/month or $99.99/year)

The Gold Plan is the least expensive paid option for Life360 yet offers many extra features. It costs $14.99 a month or you can save 44% when paying annually for $99.99 each year. In addition to the features mentioned under the free plan, this iteration gives you many extra features. 


With the Gold Plan, you get 30 days of location history and unlimited place alerts. Crime reports are included on top of the standard SOS help alert. Other extra features include individual driver reports, roadside assistance, free towing of up to five miles, and emergency dispatch.

In addition, users on the Gold Plan receive ID theft protection, stolen funds reimbursement of up to $25,000, and up to $250 in stolen phone protection. It’s a great middle option that provides you with excellent options to protect yourself and your family.


There are a few limitations to using the Gold Plan version of Life360. For instance, credit monitoring isn’t provided. In addition, this membership doesn’t provide access to travel support, medical assistance, or disaster response.

Who Is It For?

The Gold Plan is a great option for those who find the free Life360 doesn’t meet all their needs. It’s also an excellent entry into using the app for those who know they need features beyond the free plan. It’s ideal for parents of tweens and teens, children of elderly individuals, and friend groups.

Platinum Plan ($24.99/month or $199.99/year)

The final plan available is the Life360 Platinum Plan. This version costs $24.99 monthly or is available for $199.99 each year. It has all the features mentioned above but incorporates others for a truly impressive experience.


Users who pay for the Platinum Plan get the same location safety features as the Gold Plan but gain up to 50 miles of towing instead of zero to five of the other plans. In addition, up to $1m in stolen funds can be reimbursed and you will have credit monitoring availability. This version also offers travel support, disaster response, and medical assistance.

Who Is It For?

Are you the sort of person who takes safety very seriously? If so, the extra features in the Platinum Plan are sure to be appealing. When you want the best location-sharing app to keep your family safe and happy, this is the plan that will provide that.

Is It Worth It to Pay for Life360?

Everyone will have a different opinion of whether it’s worth paying for Life360. However, doing so gives you a host of great features that aren’t available with the free app. In general, those who want to get the most out of the app will not regret paying for the premium version.

Choose the Right Version of Life360 for Your Needs

Ready to gain insight into your family’s whereabouts and make sure they’re safe at all times? Whether you choose free or paid access to Life360, it’s sure to give you peace of mind. Register online today and see how it improves your daily routine.