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What Does Life360 Do?

Life360 has a great reputation as an accurate, effective and easy-to-use family safety app that allows location sharing. While this is one of the primary benefits of the app, it certainly isn’t the only thing that Life360 can do. As you start to learn more about the app, you will quickly see that it is more than just a locator app.

What Is Life360?

Life360 is the #1 family locator app available today, and it offers a host of advanced features that we will be covering below. However, you should know that this is not just a locator app. Yes, it can help you locate family members and friends who are part of your Circle and give you updates on their whereabouts, but it offers quite a few other features. These other features help to make Life360 a great option for many types of users.

Who Is Life360 For?

Life360 is a good application for just about everyone. Some may think that it’s only a good app for families, but that’s simply not true. You love and care for your friends, too, and the features of the app can be just as good for a friend group.

Those who were using Zenly, or who were thinking about using the app will find that it is no longer available. It shut down for good on February 3, 2023. It’s time to check out Life360 to get a good sense of all the features it can provide. You will soon see that it can do a lot more than you might’ve imagined.

What Features Does Life360 Offer?

Peace of mind starts with location sharing.

Know where they are without asking.

See when they get home from school, leave work, or start warming up on the practice field. When you’re all busy doing your thing, Life360 keeps you in the know.

Try Life360 for free!

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Life360 has a range of features including location sharing, digital safety, emergency assistance, and driving safety. What does Life360 do? Just about everything. Below, we will be taking a closer look at the various features found in the app.

Crash Detection

This is a special feature that is available with all of the plans including the free option. The technology can detect major collisions thanks to the sensors in your phone, including the accelerometer and the GPS. It can detect when there is a crash in a vehicle that is moving faster than 25 mph. The app can then alert people in your Circle of contacts including emergency contacts with the vehicle’s location.

Place Alerts

A “Place” is an area that can be defined in the app. You can then be alerted when a member of your Circle (your group) enters or leaves that location. Some of the common types of Life360 Places often used include work, school, and home. It’s how you can track members of your family going to and from certain locations. You will get two Places with the free plan, and unlimited with the Gold and Platinum plans.

SOS Alerts with Emergency Dispatch

The free plan can provide SOS help, but only the Gold and Premium plans have SOS emergency dispatch help. This will ensure that the correct emergency services are dispatched to your location if the need arises.

Data Breach Alerts

Life360 can also provide data breach alerts that can stop threats from becoming theft. The app will actively scan the dark web for hackers selling your information. It will also alert you if there are any breaches, and will share the information and actions you need to take to secure your accounts. It provides you with an added layer of security. Data breach alerts are available with all levels of membership.

The Life360 White Glove Restoration service can reimburse you for up to $1 million in stolen funds.

ID Theft Protection

This type of protection is available for those with Gold and Platinum plans. Life360 partners with IdentityForce to protect users. If you are a victim of identity theft, the team’s specialists can walk you through what you need to do to restore your identity and help complete paperwork over the phone.

Free Towing

What happens if you need to have a tow? When you have the Gold or Platinum plan, you can get a free towing service. The Gold plan offers five miles of towing, while the Platinum plan offers 50 miles of free towing. These plans also offer roadside assistance features including help with lockouts, jumpstarts, and refueling.

Family Driving Summary

How safely do your family members drive? With the Family Driving Summary, available with the Gold and Platinum plans, you can find out. The feature can display a week’s worth of driving insights for everyone in your Circle. The insights include top speed, high speed, rapid acceleration, phone usage, and hard braking.

Disaster Response

This feature can provide you with expert advice and help when dealing with dangerous situations like natural disasters.

Interestingly, the reason Life360 exists is that the founder realized during Hurricane Katrina that the government initiatives to allow people to find family members in a disaster were not very good. The goal was to create a platform that was easier to use, and they did.

Stolen Funds Reimbursement

If you have funds stolen while using the Life360 service, you could be reimbursed. If you have the Gold plan, you can be reimbursed for up to $25k. With the platinum plan, you could have up to $1 million in stolen funds reimbursement.

And More!

One of the other features is Medical Assistance, which has a 24/7 nurse helpline, emergency medical evacuation, inpatient medical monitoring, and medical, dental, and pharmacy referrals.

Travel support can provide pre-trip info, updated airline reservation, lost luggage support, and help replace lost or stolen travel documents.

Why Everyone Should Have Life360

Should I download Life360? Just look at all of the safety features included in this app. If you want to keep yourself, your family, and your friends safe, you should all download Life360. Just keep in mind that there are several tiers of plans. Consider the features you want to have and then compare them with the plans to ensure you are getting what you need.

It’s Time to Get Life360 Downloaded

Now that you have a far better idea of everything that Life360 can offer, you can see why it’s such a good option. You could start with the free app to get used to how it works and then upgrade, or you could begin with an upgraded plan.

This is far more than a location-sharing app. It’s a way to have full and true protection for your family and friends. Given all of the benefits and features, you don’t want to wait.