Troubleshooting Guide


Go through this handy guide if you're running into issues.

If you are doing this for a family member, make sure to use their phone–not yours.

1. Check the basics

2. Make sure that the proper location settings are turned on.

3. Get a clean slate by restarting the phone and reinstalling the application.

Smartphones are like computers. Sometimes they just need to be restarted to clean out the junk.

First, restart your phone and see if the problems go away. If they don't, try completely uninstalling and then reinstalling the app.

4. Still having a hard time?

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Or contact us at: or (866) 277-2233.

Open the app and go to the settings screen. Make sure the right person is displayed.

Many people run battery saver and task manager apps that may inadvertently stop Life360 app from working. Confirm that you are not using one of these applications, and if you are, uninstall them or add an exception for Life360.

Go to the app store and see if there are any updates available for Life360. If you don't know how to do this, search for "Life360" and re-download the latest version.

If your family member registered for Life360 using an email address that isn't the one you sent their initial invitation to, they may have created a duplicate account which is not linked to your family.

If you think this may have happened, open the app and delete your family member (by going to their profile view) and then add them to your account again.

Before they accept your new invitation, they should logout of Life360 (by going to the settings screen). When they accept your new invitation, they will be part of the correct account.

Launch the life360 app and go to the settings screen. Then go to Tracking Options and verify Run in Background is set to "On".

On iPhone: Go to your phone settings and select location services. Make sure the switch next to Life360 is set to "On".

On Android: Go to your phone settings and then select location. Make sure the checkboxes are on for all location options.