3rd-Party Software Report for iOS

We make extensive use of open source software for the various components of Life360, from the embedded software that runs on Tiles to our mobile apps and back-end systems. In fact, we would be unable to offer our product as we envisioned it without the help of these projects. Thank you for your contributions to the open source community and for helping turn our vision into reality.


iOS app

AFNetworking v4.0.1

Amplitude v8.14.0

AnalyticsConnector v1.0.3

AppCenter v5.0.4

BranchSDK v2.2.1

Charts v4.0.0

CocoaLumberjack v3.8.1

CocoaMQTT v2.0.9

FBAEMKit v14.1.0

FBSDKCoreKit v14.1.0

FLAnimatedImage v1.0.16

Firebase v10.11.0

GoogleAppMeasurement v10.11.0

GoogleAppTransport v9.2.3

GoogleUtilities v7.11.4

IGListKit v3.4.0

LDSwiftEventSource v3.0.0

LaunchDarkly v8.0.1

libPhoneNumber-iOS v0.9.31

lottie-ios v4.3.2

MQTTClient v0.8.5

MqttCocoaAsyncSocket v1.0.8

nanopb v2.30909.0

NYTPhotoViewer v1.2.0

PromisesObjC v2.3.1

PromisesSwift v2.3.1

PubNubSwift v2.5.1

RIBs v0.9.3

Realm v10.12.0

RealmSwift v10.12.0

RxCocoa v6.5.0

RxRelay v6.5.0

RxSwift v6.5.0

SDWebImage v5.15.6

SlackTextViewController v1.9.7

SnapKit v5.0.1

TTTAttributedLabel v1.13.4