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Who are you reaching on Life360?

A snapshot of Life360’s main audience:

  • Families & Parents (35%)
  • Romantic partners (18%)
  • Friends (16%)
  • Children under 18 (26%)

Wide variety of age groups:

  • 0-18 (34%)
  • 19-29 (23%)
  • 30-45 (23%)
  • 45+ (20%)

Full and deep coverage of US Geos – rural, suburban, urban

Safety & security conscious people

Ad Overview

One ad, and one ad only

One ad, and one ad only

  • We believe in maintaining the clutter-free experience our customers love, while providing access to message from partners they would appreciate.
  • Your ad creative will live in the main screen of the Life360 app, giving it visual prominence on first load.
  • Creative is highly customizable within the guidelines, and you can serve multiple messages on different app opens. And the carousel presentation allows for up to 3 ads in succession.

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